From October, the Financial Services Agency announced that it will apply a system to subsidize part of the expenses for the first time to Fukui Bank in Fukui Prefecture, which will be a subsidiary of Fukui Bank, in order to support the reorganization of regional banks.

Fukui Bank, which has a business base in Fukui Prefecture, has entered into a capital and business alliance with Fukui Bank and plans to become a subsidiary from October 1, and will cover part of the expenses to support the reorganization of regional banks to the Financial Services Agency. I was applying for the application of a subsidized "funding system".

On the 28th, the Financial Services Agency, which was reviewing the submitted plan, applied the system to Fukuho Bank, and the cost of updating the system and consolidating branches required to become a subsidiary, 1.4 billion out of about 4.7 billion yen Announced to subsidize the yen.

This is the first time that this system, which was established in July, will be applied.

In addition, Fukuho Bank announced that it will purchase the 6 billion yen preferred stock underwritten by The Resolution and Collection Corporation in 2009 after the Lehman shock and repay all public funds.

The question is whether the Fukui Bank will become a subsidiary and the newly formed "Fukui Bank Group" will exert its integration effect in October, leading to the revitalization of the regional economy.