The golden age of crab tasting of the year is coming soon.

Recently, the Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab Industry Association announced that the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have been caught and will be listed in batches around the National Day.

And before preparing to feast on it, consumers have to pay attention to the bizarre "routines" of selling crabs.

There may be forever between the coupon and the crab

  Crabs in this fall have not yet competed on the screen, and Crab Coupons have been selling hot online for a long time.

  Because live crabs are "feel and expensive" and difficult to store, the crab card coupons, known as "eating and picking", have been particularly popular among consumers in recent years.

A small card is convenient for expressing feelings and satisfying the appetite. It is suitable as gifts for personal use.

On the e-commerce platform, shops selling crab cards and coupons, with sales volumes reaching hundreds of thousands, abound.

  But the tempting crabs on the coupons may not always be able to eat them in the mouth.

"After scanning the QR code to fill in the relevant information, it has been more than a week, and it is still in the status of'pending review' and has not been confirmed." Xiao Nie told reporters that in early September, a friend gave her a crab card, thinking of sharing with her parents on National Day. After tasting the hairy crabs, she pushed back the time to fill in the application for delivery at the end of September.

"I'm not sure whether it can be distributed. If it fails, I can only buy it at the seafood market that day."

  There are also crab cards, which have not been used before they have been traced.

After several autumn rains, Zhou Yan suddenly remembered the crab card he bought before the "Double Eleven" last year.

"At that time, the discount was only 78 yuan, and I thought it was a good deal to have 6 crabs. Eat it by yourself, even if it is small." After receiving the crab card, she made an appointment to pick up the goods, but it was still unsuccessful.

"Every time I clicked in, it showed that the appointment was full. I didn't make an appointment three or four times, and the crabs were out of season. I just wanted to talk about it next year. In the end, I didn't remember which corner it was stuck in."

  The more cards and coupons are sold, the more and more crabs are produced, but the production of crabs cannot increase indefinitely.

Merchants impulse at low prices, and then set up numerous obstacles in the delivery system, and consumers with cards and coupons can only be at the mercy of them.

In 2019, a celebrity live broadcasts the goods, the original price of 299 yuan crab coupons is only 66 yuan after discount.

Consumers who bought crab coupons for celebrities and discounts found that they were unable to pick up the goods. For a while, the celebrity was frantically complained on Weibo.

Some netizens complained, "Because you trust you to buy several crab cards to give away, but now you can't make an appointment and the region doesn't deliver goods, what do people think of me!"

  The reporter found that most of the crab card coupons will be given a period of "valid for several years" as a response to consumers "in case the goods cannot be picked up in the current season".

However, in the second year, another wave of crab coupons was sold surgingly, and the crab of the first year is still unknown.

"A considerable number of cards and vouchers are bought as gifts, and some are in the hands of the elderly, and they may not be picked up at all. Some have tried a few times and the redemption is unsuccessful. You can't find it in one year." Zhou Yan said with emotion, "Isn't there such a saying, the fitness card bet you don't go, and the crab coupon bet you don't pick up the goods."

  Of course, some consumers who cannot pick up the goods will choose to refund.

Even if they are lucky enough to get a refund, as far as the merchant is concerned, several months have passed, and considerable funds have been deposited invisibly.

Or the card holders can sell them at a lower price and eventually return to the merchants.

The reporter saw on the second-hand platform that a certain type of crab card with a retail price of more than 200 yuan, the recovery price was only 80 to 100 yuan.

Merchants can repurchase cards and coupons with a small increase in price, and they can easily obtain profit from the price difference without any real crabs.

  More consumers are "full of faith" and are unwilling to refund or cash out at a discount. They will wait for the next year if the goods are not picked up that year, but they encounter the dilemma of the disappearance of the official account and the empty phone number.

On the "Black Cat Complaint" platform, many consumers reported that a crab coupon was scheduled from 2019 to this year, and as a result, "the shop couldn't even search for it."

The model is suspected of misleading the quantity and the wrong board

  "What is 5888? Is it worth 5888 yuan?" Not long ago, Ms. He received a crab card from a partner.

After opening the exquisite packaging, the four large numbers of 5888 on the card are strikingly striking, and a "type" is condensed and adorned at the back.

  Looking closely at the specifications, this card corresponds to 8 crabs, 4.5 taels for male crabs and 3.5 taels for female crabs.

"More than 700 crabs? That would be too expensive!" Ms. He went to the online platform to inquire about the follow-up gift in response.

She was surprised to find that the retail price of the card was 608 yuan, and she could receive a 300 yuan coupon, which was only 308 yuan off.

  Type 1698, Type 2888...In addition to directly indicating the price, there is no shortage of "digital type" combination crab cards on the Internet.

The reporter consulted the customer service and learned that the numbers actually represent the crab models, corresponding to crabs of different sizes.

"Just like a car, each family has its own model system."

  It is known as an "independent system", but the merchants unanimously choose to end with "8", and the number is zero and the whole, the intention is self-evident.

To cater to people's "face-saving" psychology, the customer service does not shy away, "Gifts appear to be more classy."

However, consumers are very easy to regard the model as the actual price. Some netizens said bluntly, “We got a 2888 yuan card last year. A friend gave it to me, and I also gave a set of equivalent cosmetics as a gift.”

  In response, Chen Yinjiang, deputy secretary-general of the Consumer Protection Law Research Association of the Chinese Law Society, once commented that the “consumer law” clearly stipulates that information that has a significant interest in consumers must be presented in a prominent way or in a prominent position. Remind consumers to pay attention.

"Let consumers think it was 1880 yuan, but it is actually suspected of misleading."

  If it is a word game to "replace" the price with the model number, and finally successfully pick up the goods, the crabs received "the goods are not on the right board" are even more criticized.

"The standard male crabs are 4.5 taels, less than 4 taels per one; the female crabs are 3.5 taels, but actually only 2 taels. I still choose the bigger ones!" When it comes to the crabs received last year, Mr. Jiang repeatedly said that the quality is "moving The "hands and feet" space is too large, and it can no longer be explained by reasons such as "water loss during transportation".

  "I don't have any idea about Jinliang. My mother said, "The weight is wrong". My wife used the electronic scale for baking and found that the difference is quite a lot." He said that if you go to the seafood market to buy, everyone will be very happy. Pay attention to the influence of water, rope, etc. on weight.

"But the crabs have already been sent. Even if there is a problem, many people think it is troublesome. Some homes don't even have a scale. If you receive a gift, you are even more embarrassed to go back and talk to the giver."

  In addition, after receiving the crab, the merchant usually requires the consumer to open the box and inspect the goods on the spot, distinguish the life and death, and then sign for the receipt after confirmation.

If you receive the goods without confirmation, if you find dead crabs later, you need to contact customer service within 6 hours of signing the receipt.

If consumers do not tighten the "string" of inspection, it is not easy to achieve "dead crab compensation".

It must be said that the "ID card" of Yangcheng Lake can be customized

  Although it is said, "It is not Yangcheng Lake, but good crabs can be produced."

But among all crabs, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have always been regarded as "smart goods", and their prices are much higher than other crabs, and they are also the most attractive.

  In April last year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs extended the protection scope of the geographical indication of "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs" agricultural products from 113 square kilometers in Yangcheng Lake area to 516 square kilometers in the surrounding area, and the production area reached 18,408 hectares.

According to the sampling and analysis data of Suzhou Rural Agriculture Bureau, the output of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs this year is expected to be around 10940 tons, which is a bumper year.

Among them, the fenced breeding area covers an area of ​​16,000 mu, with an output of about 1575 tons; the high-standard ponds along the lake's surrounding area have an area of ​​72,600 mu with an output of about 9,365 tons.

  In fact, even with 2016 data, China’s annual production of hairy crabs is 860,000 tons.

Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs with an output of more than 10,000 tons account for only 1.2%.

On the online platform, almost every crab shop has highlighted the words "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs".

The reporter saw in a review of a shop where the monthly sales of crab cards exceeded 10,000 copies. Since September 18, buyers have claimed that they have received crabs and steamed them. This year, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs were only opened on September 22. Caught.

  In order to avoid businesses blindly "sticking gold", as early as more than ten years ago, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs had the corresponding anti-counterfeiting identification of crab buckle.

Yao Shuisheng, director of the News Office of Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab Association, has stated many times that “crab deduction is equivalent to a hairy crab’s ID card.”

  The reporter searched for keywords such as "Yangcheng Lake", "crab button", and "anti-counterfeiting", and found many businesses claiming to be able to make crab buttons on the Internet.

A merchant sent a physical map of the crab buckle to the reporter. The oval-shaped plastic plate was printed with the words "Protected Products of Geographical Indications of the People's Republic of China" and "Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs".

By comparison, it is found that this style is the 2019 version.

  In order to prevent counterfeiting, the official anti-counterfeiting mark of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs is updated every year.

This year's crab buckle was unveiled to the public on the day the lake was opened. The rose red logo was used for the Yangcheng Lake purse seine breeding area, and the blue logo was used for the high-standard pond breeding area around the lake.

The logo that changes every year is not difficult for the merchants. After consulting, the other party expressed support for "customization of pictures", that is, what kind of picture is sent to them, and what shape of crab buckle can be realized.

"10,000 crabs are deducted and the price is 0.22 yuan each."

  In addition to the style, the crab buckle can even be printed with a QR code. The picture, text, audio and video of the page that appears after scanning the code can be customized.

If consumers do not pay attention to the crab buckle style that changes every year, and are not familiar with the "genuine" scan code jump page, official search website, official account search and other ways, it is easy to be fooled.

  Our reporter Wei Jing