China News Service, Yantai, September 25 (Wang Jiaoni, Wang Cong, Sai Jiahao) "All 100 reform pilot tasks have been implemented, and 147 institutional innovation results have been formed." China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone Yantai District released the second anniversary of innovation results The conference and investment promotion conference was held in Beijing on the 24th to promote the business environment and innovation policies of the Yantai area to the world.

  In August 2019, the Yantai area of ​​the free trade zone was officially approved, superimposing the first batch of national development zones in the country, Shandong new and old kinetic energy conversion comprehensive test zone, comprehensive bonded zone, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zone, China-Korea (Yantai) Industrial Park, Major policy opportunities such as the International Investment Promotion Industrial Park.

  In the past two years, the Yantai area has taken reform pilot tasks as the main line, system innovation as the core, and empowered development as the goal. It has carried out in-depth exploration and practice of "integrated, pri A new path for higher-level openness and higher-quality development.

  Optimize the business environment, pioneered the "Provincial Negative List" in the country, and set up a free trade zone enterprise service zone in Shandong Province, with 88% of the approval items listed as the fastest in the country.

Expanding high-level opening up, taking the lead in launching the “transnational approval,” “transnational charter,” “transnational R&D,” and “transnational manufacturing” models in the country. Nearly 200 new Japanese-Korean-funded projects have been set up, a year-on-year increase of 2 times, and the investment amount has increased by 156%. One of the regions with the highest concentration of Japanese and Korean enterprises in the country.

  At the same time, relying on the transformation and upgrading of the offshore equipment industry promoted by the free trade pilot field, the Yantai area "oil-to-fishing" and "oil-to-cultural tourism" have moved out of a new development path, and the first in the country to launch a marine ranch platform confirmation standard, and establish a marine industry Characteristic branches, innovatively explored new ways to protect intellectual property rights of new aquatic products, filling the domestic gap.

  At present, the Yantai area has formed an industrial structure such as machinery manufacturing, electronic information, biomedicine, new chemical materials, and intelligent manufacturing. Advanced structural materials and biomedicine have been selected as the first batch of 66 national strategic emerging industrial clusters in the country, building a manufacturing industry A modern industrial system that integrates and interacts with the two-wheel drive of the service industry and the integration and interaction of the secondary and tertiary industries.

  "The policy superposition advantages and industrial foundation of Yantai area are very attractive to enterprises. will help Yantai explore new models of economic development, gather momentum and seek a long-term goal, and work together for a win-win situation." said Liu Xiangfeng, general manager of JD Smart City Innovation Center.

  At the event site, 5 companies with intentions signed by Feisu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Chuanxi Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Longdeyuan Electric Power Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Wicresoft Bozhi Education Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Wenli Classic Culture Co., Ltd. signed contracts with Yantai area .