Recently, the main venue of the 2021 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival opened at the same time in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, Changsha, Hunan, and Deyang, Sichuan.

As one of the representatives of e-commerce companies, Pinduoduo was invited to participate in the event.

At the main venue of Nanhu Lake in Jiaxing, Pinduoduo "new farmers" from some old revolutionary areas and poverty alleviated areas brought high-quality agricultural products from their hometowns to celebrate a good harvest.

  That night, Pinduoduo also coordinated with CCTV's "2021 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival Gala", and jointly launched the "Harvest Festival Special" live-carrying activity with CCTV Finance New Media, fully launching the charity activity of "Fighting One Order for Our Old District", continuing to help Agricultural products from the old area leave the village and enter the city.

"Duo Duo Harvest Hall" is selling well, and the single quantity of agricultural products in the old revolutionary area exceeds 1 million

  This year's "Farmers Harvest Festival" main venue activities focused on 11 provinces (cities) in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and it was held simultaneously in multiple locations for the first time.

At the Nanhu site in Jiaxing, the spirit of the peasants in the Yangtze River Economic Belt was fully demonstrated.

  At the event site, Pinduoduo "new farmers" from the old revolutionary base not only shared the joy of the harvest of the people in the old area, but also showed special agricultural products brought from their hometowns, including Guizhou Zunyi tartary buckwheat noodles, Dabieshan Zongyang native eggs, and Guangxi Baise mango, Yimeng mountain sorghum syrup, etc.

  At the same time, Pinduoduo and the China Association for Development of Quality Agricultural Products launched the “Poverty Alleviation Areas and the Old Revolutionary Areas to Connect the Production and Marketing of Special Agricultural Products for Public Welfare Action". , Through various forms such as live broadcast of farmers, traffic support, official subsidies, brand building, training of new farmers, etc., we will comprehensively promote the new e-commerce of agricultural specialty products in old areas, and help people in old areas increase production and income.

During the "2021 Golden Autumn Consumption Season", Pinduoduo's "Duo Duo Harvest Hall" agricultural products continued to sell well, and more than 1 million orders of high-quality agricultural products in the old revolutionary base were sold.

(Photo courtesy of Pinduoduo)

Explore the road to agricultural standardization and help farmers grow well and sell well

  On September 13, taking advantage of the golden autumn consumption season of the Farmers Harvest Festival, the Yangtze River Delta "Crab Commodity Classification Standard" was officially released.

On the basis of the existing general rules in the market, new commodity standards have been established for the detection methods, quality assessment methods, packaging, transportation and storage of hairy crabs.

  "The formulation and implementation of this standard aims to provide consumers with a clear basis for quality evaluation." Ge Jiachun, director of the Germplasm and Breeding Office of Jiangsu Freshwater Fisheries Research Institute, said that he hopes to guide breeding companies to pay more attention to the quality of hairy crabs. Improve product quality and brand image, and achieve healthy development of the industry.

On September 23, the host of CCTV Kang Hui and Sister Moon walked into the CCTV Finance and Pinduoduo live broadcast rooms to open the "Harvest Festival Special" live broadcast event to celebrate the harvest together with the people of the whole country.

(Photo courtesy of Pinduoduo)

  Subsequently, Pinduoduo jointly launched the "2021 Landmark Agricultural Products China Campaign" as a supporting platform.

It is understood that the event aims to further promote the high-quality development of the geographical indication agricultural product industry and help the revitalization of the rural industry. Pinduoduo will go to all parts of the country to find high-quality agricultural products, and help outstanding landmarks through live broadcast, traffic support, and public welfare training. The development of agricultural product brands promotes the upgrading of the agricultural industry.

  In addition, Pinduoduo also launched the "Second Duoduo Agricultural Research and Technology Competition" jointly with China Agricultural University and Zhejiang University.

In the just-concluded preliminary contest, more than 120 young scientists from 15 teams around the world gathered to explore the "AI planting tomato" together.

The four teams that entered the finals will soon go to the "Duo Duo Agricultural Research Base" in Yunnan for a six-month tomato planting finals to explore in practice how to improve the quality and yield of tomatoes through AI technology.

  Hou Kaidi, vice president of Pinduoduo, said that he hopes to explore more new standards for the source of Chinese agricultural products through the "Landmark Agricultural Products China Tour", "Duodu Agricultural Research Competition" and the development of the grading standards for hairy crabs in the Yangtze River Delta, and then help high-quality, famous brands The formation of agricultural products allows consumers to buy and eat well, and at the same time help farmers grow well and sell well, increasing production and income.