China News Service, Jiaxing, September 25 (Shi Zinan and Hu Fengsheng) As part of the 2021 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit, the "Internet Light" Expo opened on the 25th in Wuzhen, Tongxiang, Zhejiang.

The exhibition attracted more than 340 companies and institutions from 24 countries to participate in the exhibition. It aims to showcase the concepts and propositions of a community of shared future in cyberspace, focus on the latest trends in Internet development, build a high-end platform for product display, technical exchange and product release, and create a digital An important window for economic and industrial cooperation.

  According to reports, the expo focuses on cutting-edge technologies and digital reforms, setting up development concept areas, comprehensive exhibition areas, "1+4+3" special exhibition areas, new product and technology release areas, digital economy talent docking and other functional sections.

Well-known enterprises and research institutions such as Huawei, Alibaba, Kaspersky Lab, Baidu, and Zhijiang Lab will exhibit the latest cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in various exhibition areas.

  At the booth of Epson (China) Co., Ltd., the BT-40 personal movie viewing program attracted the attention of many viewers. After wearing this special glasses, the contents of the mobile phone and computer will be projected to a 5 meter 120 inch screen. It can realize the mobile viewing experience.

  At the Expo, Tencent Conference seamlessly integrated Tencent Healthcare’s medical applications such as patient files, image cloud, and pathology cloud. It can be widely used in remote consultations, remote teaching, remote rounds, remote visits and other scenarios. The patient can directly Remote medical treatment via WeChat applet.

  Apollo "automobile robot" is Baidu's prediction of the shape of the future car.

The car adopts an unmanned driving mode. The car is equipped with a curved screen. People sitting in the car can interact with the car by voice and provide entertainment services.

At the same time, the exterior of the car is an integrated glass design, which can be changed according to the needs of passengers.

For example, passing by a scenic place, the glass will become transparent.

When you need to rest, the glass will automatically be atomized.

  In addition, Baidu Robot Dog, which has been exhibiting for many years, also appeared at the Expo site.

At present, it is mainly used in industrial fields, such as some power plants and substations.

According to the organizer, compared with previous years, it has more complete functions and more actions this year.

  China Telecom also brought "black technology"-the cockpit of 5G smart mining shovel.

Through the in-depth construction of the industry's private network, the deep integration of 5G, unmanned driving and photovoltaic energy storage can realize the intelligent and unmanned production of mines, help zero-carbon emissions in the mining transportation link, and ensure the safety of mine production and operation.

  It is reported that this year's "Light of the Internet" Expo has the theme of "Towards a New Era of Digital Civilization-Working Together to Build a Community of Shared Future in Cyberspace". More than 70 new product and technology launch events will be held on site, and more than 300 digital economy companies and institutions will be held. Will participate in the "Cloud Employment Conference" for digital economy talents.