Given the severe impact of supply problems on supply in the country, the UK government is about to turn around.

As several British media unanimously reported on Saturday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to temporarily exempt foreign truck drivers from the strict Brexit visa rules.

There should be an upper limit.

So far, Johnson has strictly rejected exceptions.

The trigger for the change of heart was obviously reports of problems with gasoline deliveries at gas stations.

"Boris is completely fed up with the bad headlines and wants it to be resolved, he no longer cares about visa rules," the Financial Times quoted an "ally" Johnson as saying.

Blatant shortage of skilled workers

The Road Haulage Association estimates that there is a shortage of around 100,000 truck drivers in the UK. That is why there were bottlenecks and empty supermarket shelves in many places. The energy companies BP and Esso were no longer able to supply some petrol stations with fuel due to the lack of drivers. Other industries, such as meat manufacturers, also complain of a blatant shortage of skilled workers. Since Brexit, EU citizens moving to the UK for work have had to obtain expensive visas.

Long queues formed in front of some gas stations after the delivery problems became known.

The energy companies BP and Esso closed some petrol stations, while others only offered petrol or diesel.

The operator EG Group introduced an upper limit of 30 pounds (35 euros) per customer at the pumps.

The government stressed that panic buying was not necessary.

“There is no shortage of fuel,” tweeted cabinet member Nadine Dorries.

"I repeat: there is no shortage of fuel".