How to achieve digital transformation in the cultural industry

  From online studios to online audiovisual, from digital art to national fashion play, the 17th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo will take the implementation of the cultural industry digital strategy as an opportunity to actively promote the traditional cultural industry to accelerate the digital transformation and focus on display The integrated application and innovation of common technologies such as 5G, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain in the cultural industry field will showcase vivid cases of innovation in content, mode and format with the help of digital technology.

  Technology empowers business innovation

  On the morning of September 23, on the ground level of the South Logging Hall of the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, slide-rail LED screens and 4 robotic arm screens installed in front of the screen were used to perform coordinated performances. An extraordinary musical performance.

This performance kicked off this ICIF and also demonstrated the vitality of technology integration and cultural innovation at the exhibition site.

During the exhibition, they will display small robotic arm piano performances at different times of the day, and perform repertoires such as the theme song "Song of Cultural Expo" and "My Motherland and Me".

  Focusing on the theme of "Culture + Technology", a group of cultural enterprises will showcase the new applications, new formats, and new models of technology empowering the cultural industry at the scene of this ICIF, showing the latest achievements of technology in assisting the transformation and upgrading of the cultural industry.

Entering the Overseas Chinese Town Group exhibition area located in Hall B of the Cultural Industry Complex, the audience is queuing to experience the "dynamic flying cinema".

"In recent years, the integration and development of culture, technology and tourism has given more possibilities to the contemporary cultural and tourism market." Weng Xiaoyu, deputy general manager of the corporate culture department of OCT Group, introduced that many technologies such as face-to-face entry and virtual queuing have been introduced in OCT. The park is put into use, which greatly enhances the experience of tourists.

  Thanks to the empowerment of technology and the innovative application of digital technology, people can now enjoy the world while sitting at home.

During the current ICIF, the Gansu Pavilion exhibited the "Digital Dunhuang" resource library created by the Dunhuang Research Institute. Enter "Digital Dunhuang" in the computer search interface to visit Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in the cloud.

Ma Qianyun, a staff member of the Gansu Exhibition Hall, said that the "Digital Dunhuang" project uses advanced science and technology and cultural relic protection concepts to carry out a comprehensive digital collection, processing and storage of related cultural relics of the Dunhuang Grottoes, and then collects a variety of data to construct A diversified and intelligent digital resource library of grotto cultural relics is shared globally through the Internet and mobile Internet, helping to achieve the goal of "permanent preservation and sustainable use" of the world cultural heritage Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes.

  In the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Pavilion, live performances by inheritors such as naked-eye 3D art installations, lion dance theme exhibitions, and wide-color embroidery, fully display modern technology and traditional exquisite skills.

Yuan Manjun, the fifth-generation representative inheritor of Yuan's paper-cutting, who came with the exhibition group in Futian District, Shenzhen, is demonstrating his unique yin-yang paper-cutting skills on the spot.

"The characteristic of this technique is that it can be done in one go. Two works of one yin and one yang can be created on a piece of paper at the same time, and there will be no confetti." Yuan Manjun is very concerned about the development of Internet technology. "New The rise of a generation of information technology has provided more channels for the inheritance and innovation of intangible cultural heritage, and has played a very good role in promoting the spread of intangible cultural heritage. Now I have not only opened a WeChat public account, but also uploaded relevant information. Teaching videos and online courses have been opened. I am very happy to see more and more young people interested in paper-cutting art."

  Digital lead model change

  With the continuous enrichment and expansion of digital application scenarios, the cultural industry is deeply integrated with the digital economy and the real economy, resulting in a series of new cultural industry models including digital display, digital transaction, and digital consumption.

  Bauhinia Culture Group, which debuted at the ICIF for the first time, and its directly affiliated units organized a multi-dimensional presentation of the historical context and development achievements of various business sectors and directly affiliated companies through digital technology, and told the "Bauhinia Story" full of cultural flavors.

Zhang Yinglin, the head of China International Art Exhibition Co., Ltd., said that since the establishment of the Bauhinia Cultural Group, it has taken it as an important responsibility to tell the Chinese story to the outside world and show the real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China to the compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and the international community. And large-scale cultural events.

In the immersive full-view experience box in the exhibition hall, excellent performances and collections of paintings have been digitally presented, creating a futuristic and interactive exhibition space.

New technologies such as transparent OLED screens have been added to the design of the exhibition board, which adds a sense of the future and complements the Internet content on display.

The Bauhinia Cultural Group exhibition hall is a simultaneous online and offline exhibition. After the closing of this ICIF, cloud viewing exhibitions can still be carried out through VR technology.

  What kind of sparks will come when artistic creation and blockchain technology collide?

In recent years, as a new digital art form, NFT encrypted artwork has set off a wave of artistic creation and collection worldwide.

Enver Digital Art (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. brought the NFT encryption art to the scene of the ICIF for the first time.

"Through the innovative integration of blockchain technology and digital media art, the uniqueness and ownership of the NFT encrypted artwork created can be verified on the blockchain, which can help digital artists solve the copyright issue of their works and enable the collection of digital art Works become possible." Chang Hui, CEO of Enver Digital Art, told reporters, "NFT is like a key, opening a door for artworks in the digital dimension of assets. This will not only change the way artists create, but also completely break the original The rules and logic of the traditional art circle. In the future, blockchain technology will be more integrated with artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies to promote the formation of a new art economy with a digital dimension."

  Creative content blooms

  "In the face of the digital development trend of the cultural industry, content creativity is the core and most fundamental." According to Zhou Jinbai, the marketing director of Shenzhen Feiying Tengyue Digital Technology Co., Ltd., "the expression of creativity is actually to make people look not boring, and Have a certain meaning or emotional expression. This requires continuous innovative technology and creative thinking for change. We combine landmark buildings with local characteristic culture through three-dimensional modeling, and incorporate interesting creative expressions to show Shenzhen The development and changes of Bao'an District. In the future, we will continue to explore more advanced expression methods and forms of three-dimensional digital content production, such as three-fold screens, special-shaped screens, and net screens."

  Entering the Shanghai Pavilion located in Hall A of the Cultural Industry Complex, the huge LED screen is displaying impressionist paintings.

People touch the screen with their hands, and the paintings change accordingly.

"We used radar sensing technology, coupled with LED screen display, to present a more interactive and immersive interpretation of digital content." said Liu Qian, brand marketing manager of Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co., Ltd., "By combining CG special effects, Human-computer interaction, naked eye 3D, holographic imaging, 5G cloud XR, AI artificial intelligence, big data visualization and other key technical means, the developed products and systems can be widely used in government services, urban cultural experience, digital display, cultural tourism, radio and television MCN , New retail experience, digital art consumption and many other fields.” The digital space display project shown this time, based on the application of new technologies, has constructed a unique experience space, fully displaying the rich and diverse spiritual core of Shanghai’s urban culture. Shanghai cultural story.

  Nowadays, more and more cultural and creative products integrate traditional culture with modern technology and fashionable life aesthetics to form a new new trend of cultural consumption. Among them, the colorful original IP of national tide is especially popular with young people.

The trendy art toys created with Shanhaijing as the inspiration theme brought by Tangmeng Street Cultural Creativity (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. won "hot praise" at the exhibition site.

Tangmeng Street designer Liu Dewei said that many of the images of the gods and beasts in the Shanhaijing were often mistaken for foreign ownership. These local cultures must be inherited and promoted.

In this regard, Tangmeng Street has created a series of Chinese-style toys with Chinese culture as the content origin, IP as the carrier, and characters as the language.

  Facing the future, content creation based on Chinese excellent traditional culture has become the general trend of the development of my country's cultural industry.

Dong Ziting, vice president of Jiangsu Force Digital Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that the national tide and national style have become the current development trend of my country's culture, and many traditional Chinese cultural elements are gradually being loved by young people.

Since its establishment in December 2010, the company has always adhered to the integration of technology and art, focusing on the production and services of computer three-dimensional images and digital animation content, and more than 60% of the digital content produced is exported to overseas markets.

The animation work "The Big Monster in the Forbidden City" brought to the scene of this ICIF is based on the main creative elements of various sacred beasts in the Forbidden City, showing the audience a national style that combines excellent traditional cultural elements and is full of unlimited imagination. Fantasy World.

In the future, the company will continue to focus on the digital display of Chinese traditional culture, continue to integrate global resources, talents, and technology, and help China's digital entertainment content on the global stage.

  Our reporter Jiang Tianjiao Yang Yangteng

Our reporter Jiang Tianjiao Yang Yangteng