From September 22nd to 25th, the 3rd Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo was held in Suzhou.

On September 23, the six themed exhibition areas of the Expo-Canal City Cultural and Tourism Boutique Exhibition, Canal Intangible Heritage Exhibition, Canal Special Tourism Products Exhibition, "Encounter between Silk Road and Canal" International Exhibition, Canal Food Exhibition, Canal The Cultural and Creative Industry Exhibition and the 10th Suzhou Innovation Expo unveiled the "mystery" at the Suzhou International Expo Center to welcome visitors from all over the world.

  At the Canal Intangible Heritage Exhibition site, in the form of the “Intangible Heritage Grand View Garden”, a unique “intangible cultural heritage feast” was presented to the exhibitors. The "parking" form is the carrier, which organically combines the 6 elements of "eat, live, travel, travel, shopping, and entertainment" tourism with the characteristic intangible cultural heritage projects of the canal city.

  In front of the camera, the paper is integrated with traditional Chinese cultural elements and "transformed" into various cultural and creative products, attracting the attention of many visitors.

  During the event, the Canal Special Tourism Products Exhibition and the Canal Food Exhibition were simultaneously displayed.

  (Reporter Ge Yong)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]