The German food delivery service Flink receives prominent support from America.

As the FAZ confirmed from the company's environment, the delivery company DoorDash is buying shares in the start-up for a high three-digit million amount.

For this, a notary appointment took place on Thursday.

Flink started delivering groceries in Berlin and Hamburg in February of this year.

The online supermarket is now active in 37 German cities.

The investment is the latest example of the enthusiasm investors have shown for start-ups that let customers order groceries, drugstore items and other everyday goods in an app and have them delivered to their doorsteps in minutes.

Bastian Benrath

Editor in business.

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A dichotomy could now emerge in this market. Because at the same time there are reports that the delivery company Delivery Hero from Berlin, which is listed in the Dax, is in the process of securing shares in Flink's competitor Gorillas. The American Internet portal The Information and the Bloomberg news agency unanimously reported that Delivery Hero was leading a new round of financing for the start-up and wanted to invest around 200 million euros. Gorillas will be valued by the deal at around 3 billion dollars, and the company will receive a total of 900 million euros in new capital. Delivery Hero and Gorillas did not want to comment on the reports when asked by the FAZ.

$ 600 million in fresh money is reportedly pouring in swiftly.

From those around the company, however, it was said that this amount could still increase.

For the start-up, which started around a year later, a company value of 2.1 billion dollars had been determined before the financing round.