The euphoria on the delivery market turns start-ups into billion dollar companies in less than a year: The online supermarket Flink started in February and is now worth 2.1 billion dollars according to its investors.

This is good news for Germany as a start-up location, because Flink is just one of the numerous successful start-ups from Germany that have emerged in recent years.

But the billions that investors see in companies like Flink have little to do with good jobs, solid value creation and prosperity.

This can be seen in Flink's direct competitor Gorillas, who has long been criticized for the working conditions of his couriers.

They also have nothing to do with profitable business, because all investments in delivery services currently only serve to conquer markets - they are a bet on the future.

One hopes that in the end, your own start-up will win while the competition goes bankrupt.

It will inevitably come to this at some point.

In this respect, investors must also ask themselves whether their millions are well invested.

Because where there was great enthusiasm in some places at the beginning, there are also losses in the end.