If you don't want to be dependent on dubious providers in the virtual world, you have to set up crystal-clear rules for data traffic and allow economic leeway so that your own providers can make it right to the front.

With its General Data Protection Regulation five years ago, Europe gave itself a legal framework that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

But the continent lacks companies that play in the first global industry leagues.

Big Computer Manufacturers?

Well-known smartphone manufacturers?

Globally active cloud providers?

None of it!

So it is no wonder, as happened again in Lithuania after the investigation of new Chinese 5G cell phones, when savvy cyber experts come across serious security gaps that apparently deliberately violate the local rules of the game.

If that can be confirmed, there must be consequences.

First: the delinquents are to be punished severely.

Second: The local politicians have to give serious thought to why Europe has first-class research, but technology corporations almost only play in the lower industry leagues.