Huawei's global annual flagship event for the ICT industry-Huawei Connect 2021 has recently kicked off.

Huawei's rotating chairman Xu Zhijun gave a keynote speech at the conference "Accelerating Digital Development with Continuous Innovation".

  Focusing on the theme of "deepening digitalization", this conference discussed how to in-depth business scenarios, deeply integrate digital technology and industry knowledge, solve core business problems, and build an open and win-win industrial ecosystem.

The event invited more than 200 thought leaders, pioneers, technology giants, eco-partners and other guests from the industry to give speeches on 4 topics, 5 summits and 66 special forums, and broadcast live to the world through the official website and partner media in 11 languages , And provide one-stop online interaction and experience such as online exhibition halls, remote visits, and round table exchanges.

Huawei Rotating Chairman Xu Zhijun speaks at "Huawei Connect 2021" (Photo courtesy of Huawei)

  In his keynote speech, Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun said that Huawei brings the digital world to everyone, every family, and every organization, and builds a smart world with all things connected. It is also a process to help all walks of life achieve the goal of digital transformation; and proposed "Digital development depends on digital technology. The vitality of digital technology lies in continuous innovation and continuous creation of value. Cloud, AI, and the network are key digital technologies."

Xu Zhijun further elaborated on Huawei's innovation and industrial thinking in the four areas of cloud services, artificial intelligence, networks, and low-carbon development.

  After 4 years of development, Huawei Cloud has aggregated more than 2.3 million developers, more than 14,000 consulting partners, more than 6,000 technical partners, and more than 4,500 cloud market products. It has become an important platform for digital transformation of Internet companies, governments, and enterprises.

At this conference, Huawei officially launched the industry’s first distributed cloud-native product—Huawei Cloud UCS, or "ubiquitous cloud-native service", bringing cloud-native capabilities into every business scenario of enterprises and allowing enterprises to use cloud-native applications Time can cross-cloud and cross-region unified and coordinated governance, fully guarantee the consistent experience of applications, and accelerate the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

  In terms of artificial intelligence, Xu Zhijun said that the current development of the full-stack full-scenario AI released by Huawei in 2018 is in line with expectations.

MindSpore has become the mainstream AI computing framework in China. Atlas900 clusters and Atlas900 cluster-based cloud services have served more than 300 enterprise customers, and successfully trained many models including the Huawei Cloud Pangu large model.

HUAWEI CLOUD ModelArts' full-process and scenario-based services greatly simplify the development of AI applications, and ultimately enable every engineer to develop AI applications.

  In the network field, with the progress of digitization, the complexity of enterprise networks has increased exponentially. Huawei has carried out autonomous driving network innovation in networks covering the world. It has also carried out joint innovation and deployment of applications with customers in the financial, education, and medical industries to realize the network Autonomy, self-healing, self-optimization, and autonomy.

  In the field of low-carbon development, in response to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, Huawei insists on digital technology innovation to help customers achieve low-carbon development.

  Zhang Pingan, CEO of Huawei Cloud and President of Consumer Cloud Services, further introduced Huawei Cloud's strategic measures and released a series of innovative services and products at the conference.

He said, “The key to the success of digital transformation is to practice cloud-native thinking with cloud-native thinking. The goal of Huawei Cloud is to help users achieve digitalization, and everything is a service: infrastructure as a service, making business globally accessible; technology as a service, Make innovation at your fingertips; experience as a service, so that excellence can be replicated.” Zhang Ping’an announced on the spot that Huawei has officially opened services in two new regions, Mexico and Ulan Chabu, China, and released Huawei Cloud Open aPaaS, Ten new services such as Huawei Cloud Tiancho AI solver, Huawei Cloud Stack8.1, Huawei Cloud SparkRTC real-time audio and video services, and Huawei Cloud Pangu drug molecular model.

  The conference also invited Christophe Ozer, President of Orange Flexible Engine APAC, Wu Qiang, Vice President of Tianjin Port Co., Ltd., Chen Haining, General Manager of Information Technology Department of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, and Jiang Chuanrong, Chairman of Shanghai Mingluo Film and Television Technology Co., Ltd. Customers and partners share the practical experience of joint innovation with Huawei to achieve digital transformation.

Wu Qiang, Vice President of Tianjin Port Co., Ltd. said: “Tianjin Port is one of the top ten ports in the world, with an annual container throughput of nearly 20 million containers. The Huawei Yuntianchi AI solver helps us to increase the speed of planning based on tens of millions of variables and constraints. More than a hundred times, to maximize resource scheduling and greatly improve operation efficiency."

  Xu Zhijun said: "Digitalization has reached today and made today's progress because of continuous innovation. Digitalization is going to the future and achieving more ambitious goals, we must rely on continuous innovation and insist on innovation."

  It is reported that Huawei will hold Huawei Full Connect 2021 online from September 23-25. The conference is themed on "Deep Cultivation of Digitalization", bringing together industry thought leaders, business elites, technology giants, pioneer companies, ecological partners, application service providers, and developers. Discuss how to in-depth industry scenarios, integrate digital technology with industry knowledge, truly integrate into the main business process of government and enterprises, solve core business problems, promote experience improvement, efficiency improvement and model innovation; and release scene-oriented products Share the latest achievements and practices of customers and partners with solutions, and build an open and win-win healthy ecology.