On September 22, China Lufa Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Lufa) held a green and low-carbon development strategy release and industrial cooperation signing summit with the theme of "Dual-Carbon Action Green Development", and announced China Lufa Green and Low Carbon Development strategy, launch the "dual-carbon" action plan, and sign contracts with many partners to jointly focus on the "dual-carbon" goal, promote industry transformation, and explore a green, low-carbon, high-quality development path.

  In his speech at the summit, the person in charge of China Green Development stated that implementing the "dual carbon" action plan and promoting green and low-carbon development is China Green Development's unshirkable political responsibility and glorious mission.

China Lufa has built a comprehensive leading enterprise with green and low carbon as its main business, and will unswervingly follow the ecological priority, green and low-carbon high-quality development path, and strive to be the forerunner and leader in helping to achieve the "dual-carbon" goal.

  It is understood that China Green Development is a central enterprise established by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council with the theme of green development. City and green services are the main responsibilities and the main business, and is committed to building a world-class green industry investment group with global competitiveness.

  According to the green development strategy released this time, China Green Development will take the implementation of the national carbon peak and carbon neutral action plan as its action plan, and promote ecological priority, green and low-carbon in all aspects from the green energy end, the building space end, and the life service end. , Taking the lead in deploying green industries such as green energy, low-carbon cities, green services, and strategic emerging industry investment in the country to promote green and low-carbon development.

  At this summit, China Greenfare demonstrated its achievements in the development of green industries in recent years.

China Lufa has vigorously promoted the leading development of offshore wind power and multi-energy complementary businesses. In conjunction with the East China Survey and Design Institute, China Lufa released the "China Green Energy Industry Digital and Smart Offshore Wind Power Achievement", and displayed the world’s largest photovoltaic-based business on-site. Multi-energy Complementary Project—The groundbreaking ceremony of Qinghai Golmud Utumeiren Multi-energy Complementary Project.

The audience also witnessed the countdown start-up ceremony of the Shantou Zhongpeng No. 2 offshore wind farm project, which is the largest in China, the farthest offshore distance, and the deepest water depth in China.

  China Green Development will fully integrate, give full play to the advantages of industrial synergy and resource synergy, deepen multi-field green strategic cooperation, and jointly promote high-quality development.

At the summit, China Greentech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China National Building Material Group and National Science and Technology Holdings. China Life Insurance, CapitaLand China, Ascott China, Oakwood Group, Marriott Group, InterContinental Hotels Group, Club Med and other units with China Lvfa signed a cooperation agreement in the form of a cloud contract to jointly promote the overall green transformation of production methods and lifestyles.

  At the summit, China Green Development and China National Building Materials Group, China Inspection Group, National Science and Technology Holdings, China Construction Technology, China Construction Research Institute, Tsinghua Building Energy Conservation Center, Beijing Green Finance Institute and other units jointly issued the "Low Carbon Building Industry Chain Proposal" , Expressing the need to play the leading role of national strategic scientific and technological forces, study the establishment of low-carbon building alliances, organize major scientific and technological research applications, create a collaborative innovation and incubation platform for green and low-carbon buildings, drive the full implementation of green transformation in the industrial chain, and make every effort to promote the realization of carbon peaks , Carbon neutral goal.

  Industry insiders believe that China Green Development is highly focused on the development of green industries and comprehensively promotes the transformation and upgrading of investment in green energy, low-carbon cities, green services and strategic emerging industries.

From ideas to strategies, from theory to practice, there are abundant benefits and reserves, which are enough to support it to become a comprehensive industry leader with green and low-carbon industries as its main business, and to achieve the "dual-carbon" goal and promote the green transformation of the society and economy. Greater contribution.