Sino-Singapore Jingwei, September 22. On the 22nd, the three major stock indexes opened lower in early trading, and the ChiNext index once surpassed and turned red.

Coal, cement, shipping and other sectors were active, and the wind power sector bucked the trend and set off a rising tide. The banking sector was among the top decliners, and more than 2,700 individual stocks in the two cities fell.

As of the close at noon, the three major indexes fell collectively.

The Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.29% to 3603.41 points.

The Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.81% to 14,242.56 points.

The GEM index fell 0.87% to 3165.38 points.  

  On the disk, power, pumped storage, and PVDF concepts led the two markets.

The beverage manufacturing, chicken farming, hotel and catering sectors were among the top decliners.  

  Up to now, the ratio of all trading stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks is 1638:2723, with 73 daily limit and 4 daily limit. 

  In terms of individual stocks, the current daily limit shares are as follows: China Shipbuilding (10.00%), Energy-saving Wind Power (9.97%), Shouhang Hi-Tech (9.90%), Juhua (10.03%), Baose (19.99%).

The lower limit shares are as follows: Shun Hao shares (-10.04%).

  The top five stocks with turnover rate are: Wansli, Weiyuan, Neway CNC, Chaoyue Technology, and Xiaoming, which are respectively 49.236%, 43.556%, 33.664%, 33.368%, and 29.953%.

  Dongguan Securities said that with the approach of the Fed's meeting on interest rates, overseas markets have experienced volatility, which has disturbed the short-term market.

Technically, the Shanghai stock index fell back to near the 20-day moving average, and the trend weakened. The weak overseas market still disturbed the market. It is expected that the market will fluctuate repeatedly in the short term. However, the overall fundamentals of the domestic economy are still improving, and the market outlook is still stable. Chance.

It is recommended to pay attention to the release of continuous and lower moving average support, and pay attention to industry opportunities such as finance, chemical industry, electrical equipment, TMT, and new energy.

  The Guolian Securities Research Report pointed out that looking forward to the market outlook, in the medium and long term, under the trend of cooling real estate and net value of wealth management products, the attractiveness of the capital market may gradually increase.

In the short term, risk aversion may still dominate.

It is recommended to pay attention to the following main lines: one is high-end manufacturing, especially small and medium-sized "hidden champions" and other manufacturing opportunities; the second is a combination of "steady growth + low valuation", such as construction machinery, cement and other subdivisions; third, ahead of schedule The layout of the three quarterly report pre-increased sectors, such as military industry, semiconductors, computers, etc., after preliminary adjustments, opportunities may gradually appear in the industry's high boom; fourth, it is recommended to pay attention to the opportunities of precious metals such as gold and silver as risk aversion is heating up.

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(The opinions in the article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice. Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market.)