The federal government wants to improve climate protection in the building sector with additional billions.

The cabinet is supposed to decide on a program of measures for the Ministry of Economics and the Interior this Wednesday.

Additional funds of 5.7 billion euros are planned for energy-efficient building renovation.

This emerges from a cabinet submission that was submitted to the German Press Agency.

The background to this is that the building sector was the only area that failed to meet its climate protection targets last year.

Therefore, according to the Climate Protection Act, the responsible ministries must make improvements.

It's about the "volume of new commitments"

An emergency program presented in July provided for additional funds of 5.8 billion euros.

However, from the point of view of an expert council for climate issues set up by the federal government, the program was not sufficient to achieve climate targets in the building sector.

That is why the Ministry of Economics and the Interior are now stepping up: it is about funds of a further 5.7 billion euros for the year 2021. In total, this makes 11.5 billion euros as an additional "new commitment volume" for funding applications within the framework of federal funding for efficient buildings, as it says in the template.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) spoke of unprecedented record sums. This is money well spent on climate protection and jobs.