China News Service, Beijing, September 22 (Reporter Wang Enbo) Standard Chartered released the "2021 Sustainable Investment Survey" report on the 22nd, stating that global investors’ awareness and interest in sustainable investment reached historical highs, while mainland Chinese investors Investment interest, allocation planning, confidence, and other aspects are leading other markets, showing the huge potential and development prospects of the mainland's sustainable investment market.

  This report collected and collated the insights of 2,000 high-net-worth individuals from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe and the United States on sustainable investment, covering 7 markets including Mainland China.

According to the report, from a global perspective, sustainable investment has become a hot spot for investors: 82% of the respondents already have an understanding of sustainable investment; 81% of the respondents are interested in sustainable investment.

  Among the global respondents, 40% of the respondents do not hold sustainable investment products but have relevant investment plans; 20% of the respondents plan to allocate more than 20% of their assets in sustainable investment products in the next three years.

However, although sustainable investment has entered the attention of most investors around the world, more than half of the respondents still have concerns about sustainable investment.

  In Mainland China, respondents are not only more interested in sustainable investment than other markets (92%). The proportion of high-net-worth individuals (61%) who have allocated sustainable-related funds is also ranked first in the world.

In addition, the report shows that mainland respondents are confident in sustainable investment: only 31% of investors view sustainable assets with suspicion, far below the global average of 51%.

  Confidence in sustainable investment is also reflected in the expected return. 77% of mainland respondents believe that the long-term performance of sustainable investment products is better than traditional products.

In terms of investment intentions, 61% of mainland respondents plan to invest more of their existing assets in sustainable investment products; 71% of respondents plan to allocate more than 15% of their assets to sustainable investment products in the next three years.

  David Leung, General Manager of Wealth Management of Standard Chartered Bank (China) Co., Ltd., said that the promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the establishment of the "30 and 60 Double Carbon Targets" have greatly enhanced mainland investors' understanding of sustainable investment.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) investment is one of the themes of Standard Chartered China's wealth management. It will introduce more mature products and standards to promote the development of the mainland's sustainable investment market.