DEWA is unique as the "Distinguished Elite" at the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized the closing ceremony of the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award in its 19th session for the year 2021, in the Great Conference Hall in the Chamber Tower, where the award-winning companies and institutions were honored, through their diamond, gold and silver categories, and the new category (the distinguished elite category). The number of winning institutions reached 21 institutions and companies.

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) was awarded the Distinguished Elite Award, while the Diamond Award went to Saudi Aramco - Yanbu Refinery, while the service sector won the most awards.

The Chamber stated in a statement that the activities of the ceremony were witnessed by the Chairman of the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, Muhammad Ali Al-Shurafa, and the Chairman of the Higher Committee of the Award, Saeed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim.

The celebration was also witnessed by the Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Chamber's Board of Directors, Abdullah Mohammed Al Mazrouei, a number of members of the Abu Dhabi Chamber's Board of Directors, and members of the Award's Higher Committee.

In his opening speech, Al Fahim said, "The Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award has always celebrated excellence and the distinguished, and appreciating the outstanding and those of quality in performance," noting that "the 19th session of the award was exceptional by all standards, as it completed its annual activities and programs in difficult circumstances and in front of challenges that resulted in them." The (Coronavirus) pandemic, so the award office carried out the digital transformation and the transition to remote work automatically.

He added that this contributed to the performance of the work and tasks of the award with higher efficiency and lower cost, and digital and smart transformations led to the availability of award office services almost permanently, noting that the provision of introductory seminars and specialized workshops to all participants in the various categories of the award and at all local levels - for participants From the United Arab Emirates - and the region - and for the participants from the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East - it was also done by the visual platforms and with the wide participation of the local, regional and international staff of experts cooperating with the award program at the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Al-Fahim explained that the institutional evaluation work for all participants was also carried out through remote evaluation, including field visits to the participating parties, which took place virtually for them, and achieved all the goals entrusted to them in terms of covering all the requirements for the evaluation model of the award.

He stated that the meetings of the international arbitration committees for the different categories of the award also took place through the visual platforms of the award program, through which the final results of the participants were approved, after careful and thorough review with the heads of the assessment teams and to ensure the validity and integrity of all inputs for technical feedback reports on performance.

Accordingly, the judging committees submitted their recommendations to the award’s higher committee, which in turn approved the results.

Al Fahim stressed that despite the challenges during the closure period and the exceptional circumstances that followed, the award has achieved many unprecedented additions and achievements, the most important of which are the following:

First: The launch of the Excellence Elite Category, which was formulated based on the widespread and wide recognition that the award has received during the past ten years, as it has become a representative and strategic partner for many important international institutions and bodies specialized in the fields of quality, excellence, innovation, benchmarking and others, such as the Foundation EFQM, IAOIP, GBN, and many other international bodies.

This category is specifically designated for distinguished local or international institutions and bodies with a high reputation and proven institutional maturity through winning prestigious local, regional or international awards such as government awards emanating from the fourth generation standards and under the supervision of the executive councils of the Emirates, or prestigious international awards such as the European International Award EFQM Global, American Award, Japanese Deming Award, or other related awards.

Such entities participating within the elite system should also be operational performance indicators - technical, administrative and financial - as an example to be followed at the local and international levels, and also constitute a criterion for international benchmarking.

Second: The technical management of the award has developed an integrated regulatory framework for the participating local and international institutions, which was formulated based on the latest scientific and practical concepts and experiences in the field of excellence, agility and institutional flexibility so that institutions can respond to the changes surrounding the world today and then effectively manage the risks and challenges they face in the field of business.

It is noteworthy that this practical framework for the SKEA 2021 award represents a qualitative leap in the thinking of quality and institutional excellence, and constitutes a scientific and professional precedent for the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, in addition to the outstanding achievements of the award, which have been growing and intensifying year after year.

Third: The current session of the award witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of participants by more than 30% in all sectors forming the award, including industrial, service, commercial, professional and others. Also, the level of performance by all participants, with the testimony of the local and international evaluation and arbitration teams, has made remarkable progress in all aspects of the standards. and technical requirements for the award.

On the other hand, the number of residents - especially brothers and sisters who are citizens of the country - has also achieved a remarkable increase in quantity and quality, as the number of members of the assessment teams has reached more than 250 residents, half of whom are UAE citizens.

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