At a press conference after the monetary policy decision meeting, the Bank of Japan's governor Kuroda said, "The market is becoming more interested in the consequences of debt repayment, regarding the impact of the deterioration of the management of the Chinese real estate giant" Hengda Group "on the financial markets. At present, there are nervous movements in the international financial markets, especially in the stock market, and risks are being recognized. "

On the other hand, Governor Kuroda was asked if this issue was related to the large-scale monetary easing that central banks in each country have been promoting since the spread of the new coronavirus infection. I don't think it is an example of the problem caused by the increase in corporate debt under the above. It is appropriate to consider it as a problem of the company or the real estate industry in China. "

He added, "We have to keep an eye on whether something will affect the international financial markets, but at this point we don't think it will be an overall problem."