The "Prefectural Land Price Survey," which examines land prices nationwide, was released, and while the effects of the new coronavirus have been prolonged, the national average land prices have continued to decline in both commercial and residential areas.

However, the rate of decline is "expanding in commercial areas" while "reducing in residential areas".

In the background, there were new ways of working and lifestyle changes in the corona wreck.

National average minus 0.4% from last year, down for the second consecutive year

The "Prefectural Land Price Survey" is a survey of land prices nationwide as of July 1st every year, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism summarizes the results of more than 21,400 points targeted on the 21st. I announced it.

According to this, the national average of the total land price was minus 0.4% compared to last year, the second consecutive year of decline.

This is due to the nationwide slump in land demand amid the prolonged effects of the new coronavirus.

<Commercial land> Decrease range "Expansion" from last year

By use, the national average of “commercial areas” for stores and offices fell by 0.5% for the second consecutive year, expanding from minus 0.3% last year.

Background 1. “New way of working”

Behind the scenes is the spread of new work styles such as working from home.

As the number of employees who come to work has decreased, many companies are reviewing the way offices should be.

Fujitsu / Yahoo "To reduce office"

Of these, Fujitsu plans to reduce the office area by half in two years, with employees based on remote work, except at the manufacturing site.

Yahoo, a major IT company, is also considering significantly reducing its headquarters and other offices in Tokyo.

Venture companies also “shrink offices”

The movement to shrink offices is accelerating even in venture companies.

One of them is a human resources service company in Tokyo that connects people with disabilities and companies to support employment.

I moved the head office this month, but I moved to a shared office with a size of 6 tatami mats.

Previously, it had its headquarters in the building, and it is said that more than 100 people worked every day in an office with an area of ​​about 400 square meters.

However, in response to the spread of the new corona infection, we decided to use remote work in principle, eliminating the need for a large office.

According to a questionnaire survey of employees, 70% of the respondents said they would like to work remotely even if the infection had subsided.

For this reason, the company decided that the way of working would not be restored after Corona, and decided to reduce the size of the head office to about 1/40.

In addition, through the management companies of other shared offices, we have secured about 300 bases nationwide, allowing employees to freely choose where to work.

Keiichi Tokaibayashi, head of the corporate division of the venture company "General Partners", said, "The analog work style was long, and the purpose was to go to the head office itself. Instead, I thought it was necessary to create an office that could be changed flexibly. "

Background 2. “Decrease in tourists from home and abroad”

On the other hand, due to the decrease in tourists from home and abroad, land prices are declining nationwide in tourist areas and downtown areas.

Souemon-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka, located in the Dotonbori district of Osaka, accounted for -18.5%, the largest decline in commercial areas nationwide.

Osaka Takoyaki chain store New product sales for local residents

The takoyaki chain store in a corner of the district boasts products that are crispy on the outside and mellow on the inside, and it is said that many tourists visited before the spread of the new corona infection.

It is said that foreign tourists were particularly popular and accounted for about 70% of sales, but now they have lost almost all of their sales.

While the infection has not been resolved, this store has newly started selling Korean-style chicken fried chicken.

The second floor of the store, which mainly provided kushikatsu for foreign tourists, has been renovated into a dedicated floor.

The sweet and spicy sauce and fried cheese with plenty of grated cheese are popular among young local women, which means that sales are rising, including the demand for delivery.

Yukihiro Kasai, president of Kureoru, who runs this store, said, "It may be difficult to make a big recovery in sales, but I feel reassured that it will be needed if you visit the store every day. I have been in business for about a year and a half. I want to keep the store in the future. "

<Residential area> Width of decline "Reduction" from last year

One "residential area".

Although the national average was minus 0.5%, the 30th consecutive year of decline, the range narrowed from last year's minus 0.7% in contrast to commercial areas.

Background 1. More time spent at home Increased needs for home purchase

▽ The

need to buy a home is increasing against the background of increasing time spent

at home due to the spread of working from home and

refraining from going out,

so housing demand is partly from this land price survey. It can be seen that it is picking up at.

Under these circumstances, "vacant houses" are attracting attention.

Takashi Shiina (40) and his wife Yuko (36), an office worker in Yokohama, purchased a vacant house over 40 years old near the rental housing they lived in last August.

Mr. Shiina's work style changed to working from home almost every day, and I needed a space for that.

I considered a new property, but I thought that the burden on the house would be too heavy if I included the cost of raising three children, so I chose the method of completely remodeling the vacant house.

Remodeling is much cheaper than custom-built homes

▽ We were able to secure a work room for Mr. Shiina ▽

We also expanded the

kitchen at the request of Mr. Yuko.

Mr. Shiina said, "I wish I had my own room so that I could concentrate on working from home."

Yuko said, "Cooking was becoming painful because the number of times I cooked meals with Corona was so great, but now I think I can stand in the kitchen with a cheerful feeling. I didn't hesitate to remodel the vacant house. I was talking.

Major real estate company “Increasing remodeling orders from child-rearing households”

According to a major real estate company, orders for remodeling from child-rearing households who have acquired a second-hand home in this year are increasing significantly.

In Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba prefectures, as of last month, the number was about 50% higher than the same period last year, and orders for remodeling vacant houses like Mr. and Mrs. Shiina are conspicuous.

Hiroshi Minamizawa, the person in charge of Sumitomo Realty & Development, said, "What has changed significantly due to the corona disaster is that the number of customers who want space for working from home has increased. However, many customers are worried about their household budget. With the soaring prices of new homes, it seems that reasonable remodeling is being accepted. "

Expert "Potential for weak commercial land demand to continue"

Takeshi Ide, Senior Researcher, Real Estate Research Company "Tokyo Kantai"

▽ Regarding the narrowing of the decline in residential areas

"The first thing that happened when the number of people infected with the new corona increased was"

Nest Gomori ",

which is the center of my life. The idea of ​​emphasizing the home has become stronger than before. Where is the place where you can stay in the nest while maintaining the convenience and quality of life? or "

▽ for commercial land

midst that are just considered now as" "What is so wide area needed also in this respect to the split and the demand was Sokogataka' office". weak demand as long as the uncertainty of the future does not go away The situation may continue. "