Interest in the so-called 'gap investment' of renting a house while renting a house continued to grow. In fact, when we analyze the financing plans of people who bought a house in Seoul last year and this year, especially young people, the rental deposit is used to cover the house price. One percentage was found to be high.

Reporter Jeong Da-eun reports.

<Reporter> The

sale price of this apartment in Gangseo-gu, Seoul was 735 million won in July.

Last month, the price of jeonse was 570 million won.

If you use Jeonse, you can live with only 160 million won.


Accredited Broker

: Since there is no product, the

price of Jeonse has become more expensive

.] As

loans become more difficult, there are many cases of gap investment mainly among young consumers in their 20s and 30s.

[Realtor: A can receive rent salgetda come if you go to old age later (young people) downed my impatience they buy something]

When I analyze the financing plan 190003 thousand cases embellish their last year and this year, the Seoul housing buyers , the average purchase price was about 800 million won.

As for the source of funds, the disposition of existing real estate accounted for 56.5 trillion won or 36%, followed by succession of rental deposits with 34 trillion won.

In particular, the younger you are, the larger the proportion of rental deposits in the total purchase funds. People in their 30s set up 26% of the housing purchase funds, those in their 20s 43%, and those in their teens 65% as rental deposits.

In particular, it was found that teenagers started investing in the gap by adding money from gifts or inheritances.

[Chun Jun-ho / Democratic Party Assemblyman (Land Transport Committee of the National Assembly): (in the subscription) Isn't it a lot of people who have difficulty getting supply unless it is through lottery? Even if you look at the flow of housing supply plans within the next five years, even if you do not make a gap investment.]

Soaring house prices and jeonse prices are leading to young people's chase purchases and gap investments.

(Video editing: Yumira, VJ: Jung Min-goo, CG: Lee Ah-reum)