A partnership between "GrubTech", "Talabat" and "Imensa" for contactless food delivery

"Smart Locker" .. the latest way to deliver food during the "Expo"

  • The smart locker is 3D printed.

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GrubTech, the integrated platform for providing services to cloud kitchens and restaurants, launched yesterday the first 3D-printed smart locker system, in a strategic partnership with Talabat, the region's fast food delivery and e-commerce platform, and the official food delivery service provider for Expo. 2020 Dubai.

smart locker

The 3D-printed smart locker system offers Talabat customers the option of contactless food delivery across the Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions, as customers will be able to place their orders on the Talabat application, to be notified automatically via a text message once the order is deposited in the box. Allocated inside the smart locker.

Once in the locker, customers will be able to scan a QR code directly from the app, to unlock the chest.

A statement issued yesterday revealed that Immensa laboratories for technology working in the field of 3D printing in the UAE have manufactured the smart locker system from “GrubTech”, using the latest technologies, to provide a robust and flexible solution that gives customers confidence that their orders will be delivered safely and effectively.

Each smart locker box is installed with an electronic control circuit, equipped with a special technology designed and developed by GrubTech to support and adapt to any electronic device, allowing the concerned companies to monitor and control the safes from a distance.

This technology provides Talabat with complete visibility from the beginning of the order until it is delivered to the customer, in addition to providing a new level of ability to control operations.

The smart lockers will be strategically placed at the Expo 2020 Dubai site to provide a comfortable experience for visitors and workers.

Promising innovations

"The development of this system highlights the ingenuity, innovation, and capabilities of GCC companies," said Fahmy Shawa, CEO and founder of Immensa Technology and Laboratories.

He added, "The 3D smart locker system is a direct result of the progressive thinking that distinguishes Talabat, along with the latest technologies of (GrubTech) and advanced digital engineering provided by (Imensa)."

In turn, the Director of Technology at “GrubTech”, Muhammad Hamidi, said: “We are pleased to participate in (Expo 2020 Dubai), and to review the latest innovations in contactless delivery, together with our partners in (Talabat), pointing out that “Grubtech” is a company Local has a global role in the food and beverage market.

He continued, "The smart locker system helps restaurant operators and retailers simplify the process of receiving orders, and also enables operators to improve their internal operations."

request journey

In the same context, Jeremy Dottie, Vice President of Talabat for the UAE, said: "As the official food delivery service provider for (Expo 2020 Dubai), this opens a world of opportunities to explore new ways to deliver orders to millions of visitors."

He continued, "In close cooperation and working closely with our technical partners such as (GrubTech), we can offer different delivery methods, while making sure that the order journey is controlled and monitored from start to finish."

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