The staff put on MR glasses to demonstrate overhaul.

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Zhaohan AI reasoning server.

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  China News Service, Changsha, September 17 (Tang Xiaoqing, Liu Man) Wang Zhijun, a member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, stated at the "2021 World Computing Conference" on the 17th that China's computing industry has demonstrated strong innovation vitality in recent years. It has shown a good momentum of development and has broken through a number of key technologies. High-performance general-purpose computing chips, accelerated computing chips, and nine chapter quantum computers have come out one after another, and the supply of computing power has been significantly increased.

  In the rushing "computing power era", computing power and algorithms have become the biggest variables that promote the digital transformation of the economy and society and industrial transformation, and are an important indicator of the development level and technological strength of a country or region's digital economy.

  In 2020, China's total computing power ranks second in the world, with 186 on the newly released global top 500 supercomputer list, ranking first in the world since 2016; computing scale accounts for 30%, new New business models are developing vigorously, and the intelligent manufacturing industrial Internet has promoted the acceleration of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry.

  Hunan, where the first modern production line of electronic computer peripherals, the first domestic computer hard disk and the first computer floppy drive was born in New China, has vigorously promoted the construction of computing and related industrial chains, and has gradually broken through a number of key core technologies.

The National University of Defense Technology, Central South University and other universities in Hunan train hundreds of thousands of computing-related professionals every year.

  The computing industry started early, with strong technological research and development capabilities, gradual improvement in the industrial ecology, and rapid development of emerging application fields. Hunan has cultivated hundreds of billions of smart terminals and supporting industry clusters, creating an integrated circuit industry, information security industry, and basic electronic component industry. And other characteristic and advantageous industrial clusters.

  Security checks are indispensable when boarding a plane or taking a train.

IFLYTEK, a leading company in the artificial intelligence industry, tailored smart security solutions for security inspection scenarios, and launched an X-ray security image intelligent recognition system, iFLYTEK, which can assist security personnel in identifying prohibited, restricted and dangerous goods in luggage and parcels. "Intelligent Recognition and Judgment" adds a security line of defense for front-line security inspections, reducing missed inspections and increasing the detection rate of contraband.

  "Our AI virtual human audio and video content production system has been used in many occasions. Among them, the AI ​​multilingual virtual anchor product can automatically predict expressions through artificial intelligence technology based on the provided text content, and synthesize lip shapes in real time. He also speaks more than 30 foreign languages ​​and dialects such as English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Cantonese, and Sichuan dialect, and he will never get tired of it.” said Liu Qingfeng, chairman of iFlytek, said that artificial intelligence will be as ubiquitous as water and electricity in the future. , In-depth empowerment society just needs.

  The information revolution is accelerating the evolution to the intelligent connection of all things. Many emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, VR/AR, and 5G applications are showing a rapid increase in the demand for algorithms and computing power, and higher requirements for computing technology.

Wang Zhijun said that computing is the cornerstone of modern information technology and an important support for the development of the digital economy.

It is necessary to strengthen key technology research, vigorously develop complete equipment, support enterprises and scientific research institutions to build new collaborative innovation platforms, accelerate the formation of a batch of original and leading results in quantum computing, brain-like computing and other frontier fields, and consolidate the foundation of the computing industry.

  The reporter learned from the conference that Hunan will focus on Xinchuang engineering, new display, new generation semiconductors and other fields, increase key core technology research, make up for shortcomings, refine longboards, lay a solid foundation for the development of the computing industry, accelerate the construction of smart cities, and promote The development of intelligent manufacturing; accelerate the construction of national-brand platforms such as the National Cyber ​​Security Industrial Park, the National Internet of Vehicles Pilot Zone, the National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation Development Pilot Zone, and the Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industrial Park to promote the clustering of computing industries.

  "Over the world, advanced computing has become the strategic commanding heights of major powers in the world. China already has the industrial foundation and market conditions, and the advanced computing industry is gaining momentum." said Jin Shuanggen, academician of the United Nations Academy of Sciences and academician of the European Academy of Sciences. The important birthplace of China's computer technology, based on the "two cores and one ecological" industrial development pattern, plans to deploy the world computing·Changsha Zhigu, which is bound to do a lot in the new wave of information technology revolution.