China News Service, Changsha, September 17 (Liu Man Tang Xiaoqing) The 2021 World Computing Conference kicked off in Changsha on the 17th. As one of the opening activities of the conference, 7 major projects including "World Computing·Changsha Smart Valley" were held in Changsha High-tech The district started construction intensively, with a total investment of 25.6 billion yuan.

  In recent years, Hunan has actively built a "two-core-one-ecological" computing system with Feiteng and Kunpeng series CPUs and Kirin operating systems as the core. The Tianhe and Yinhe series have supercomputers whose computing speed ranks among the top in the world.

A large number of "two academies" academicians and mathematicians such as Yang Xuejun, Yuan Yaxiang, and Zhou Xiangyu gathered here, and a group of computing industry entrepreneurs with important influence in the country have emerged.

  In 2020, the scale of Hunan's digital economy will reach 1.15 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.4%.

From January to August this year, the added value of manufacturing-scale industries such as computers increased by 28.5%. Computing-related industries are becoming an important new driving force for the province to accelerate transformation and upgrading and promote high-quality development.

Concentrate on the construction site.

Photo by Xie Changgui

  The projects started this time include World Computing·Changsha Smart Valley, Sinnet Changsha Green Cloud Computing Base, China (Changsha) China Power Software Park Phase II Expansion Project, Wanxing Technology Global Operations Headquarters, and China Poly Biomedical Technology Industrial Park , Dimai Intelligent Mine Science and Technology Industrial Park and Lugu Intelligent Manufacturing Park projects.

  As one of the "highlights", the "World Computing·Changsha Smart Valley" project has a total investment of 18 billion yuan and a total land area of ​​913 acres. It is positioned as the core area of ​​Changsha's advanced computing industry cluster.

Once completed, it is expected to attract 20 leading companies, 50 headquarters companies, 1,500 small and medium-sized enterprises and more than 80,000 industrial employees to settle in and develop, and help Changsha to build "industry-city integration, smart, low-carbon, eco-friendly, youth yearning, suitable The city of computing and the capital of science and technology innovation.

  Sinnet, headquartered in Beijing, is a leading provider of integrated Internet services in the industry.

"Sinnet's Changsha Green Cloud Computing Base is our first base in central China. Hunan's digital economy is developing very rapidly, the industrial supporting facilities are mature, and the development prospects are promising." The company's general manager Ru Shuwei introduced that the base has been completed and invested. After operation, it can provide about 16,000 data center cabinets and 320,000 server service capabilities, which is expected to build the largest third-party neutral data center in the growing city.