China News Service, Quzhou, September 17 (Zhang Bin, Dong Yixin, Zhu Qian) It is now the season for kiwifruit to go on the market. Picking kiwis from the alpine base.

Soon, these kiwis will be sold to all parts of the country through online channels.

  From the "sorrowful sales" in the harvest season to the "busy packing" of live broadcasts in the harvest season, farmers like Weng Tianzhen relied on the "Nan Kong Live Broadcasting Group · Tongxinhui" composed of a group of live broadcast industry practitioners born in rural Quzhou. The sale of agricultural products in my hometown has led to a good life of increasing income and becoming rich.

The anchor showed Quzhou agricultural products in front of the camera.

Photo by Xu Yiyun

 Start live broadcast "Express" agricultural products sold to all parts of the country

  In 2020, the United Front Work Department of the Quzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China established the "Nan Kong Live Streaming Group of Heroes · Together" platform, through the implementation of the "quadruple" of industrialized "alliance", normalized "connection", branded "connection", and all-round "linkage". Driving method", exert the influence of people in the live broadcast industry, and drive the majority with the minority to achieve common prosperity and rural revitalization.

  Feng Xiaoqin is one of the anchors of "Nan Kong Live Group Heroes · Concentric Club", and netizens kindly call her "Sister Feng".

In addition to Weng Tianzhen's kiwi, Quzhou agricultural specialty products such as Kecheng's soft-shelled turtle, Longyou's lotus seed, Jiangshan's white goose, etc. are regular visitors to the "Sister Feng" live studio.

  "We hope to help fellow villagers sell goods through live broadcast, and we also want more people to understand Quzhou's agricultural products." Feng Xiaoqin said that up to now, his live broadcast studio has sold more than 30,000 catties of kiwis.

  This is also the first time that Weng Tianzhen has been "electrically shocked" with live e-commerce products.

In the past few days, in addition to busy picking, he spends more time packing and shipping to buyers everywhere.

"My kiwis have been sold to Beijing and Inner Mongolia, and the live broadcast is very popular," he said.

  It is understood that there are 57 members in the "Nan Kong Live Streaming Heroes · Concentric Club", and the anchor of the "post-90s" "Village Little Fortune" is a new member introduced by the anchor of "Xiangqi Liangmu".

  With the help of the anchors, the live broadcast of "Village Little Que" can be watched online by more than 3,000 people at the same time. In the past month, "Village Little Que" has helped locals sell 13,000 boxes of Huyou, totaling 60,000 kilograms. .

  Up to now, the "Nankong Live Streaming Qunying·Tongxinhui" platform has carried out 19,354 live broadcasts, with a total of more than 3,200 kinds of goods, and realized sales of 315 million yuan with goods, which has effectively helped farmers increase income and become rich.

The anchor of Quzhou's "Nan Kong Live Broadcasting Group of Heroes · Tongxin Hui" picks kiwis in the orchard.

Photo by Xu Yiyun

  The experience of helping farmers "out of the circle" Xinxiang Xian returns to his hometown to increase income and become rich

  Farmers have become netizens, live broadcasts have become agricultural activities, mobile phones have become agricultural tools, and data have become agricultural materials. This is already the "normal" of many farmers in Quzhou.

  Xu Xiaohua is one of the first village broadcasters to return to his hometown to start a business in Quzhou. Through the management of succulents, he has more than 200,000 fans and is known as the "Little Succulent Prince".

  In 2020, Xu Xiaohua and the local government "joint hands" to solve the unsalable citrus for farmers.

During the live broadcast, Xu Xiaohua attracted 530,000 netizens to watch and sold 200,000 catties of citrus.

The excellent "carrying performance" made him "out of the circle", and Xu Xiaohua also felt that his responsibility was heavier.

  Therefore, he chose to walk into the fields of Quzhou to preach and share live stories of himself and his companions.

Not only that, he also carried out more than 50 live broadcast and short video practical training sessions with anchors such as "Xianqi Two Mu" and "Shancun Xiaoqiao" through online and offline methods, benefiting more than 5,800 trainees in total.

  Statistics show that from January to July this year, Quzhou achieved online retail sales of 25.10 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 57.1%, 40.5 percentage points higher than the average level of Zhejiang province.

  In July of this year, Quzhou’s “innovative establishment of the'Southern Kong Live Group Heroes·Combined Prosperity' to help the construction of the four-province marginal common prosperity demonstration zone" was successfully selected as the "High-quality Development and Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone Key Task List" issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Public Wealth Office List of Breakthroughs, List of Major Reforms and List of Typical Cases."