China News Service, Beijing, September 17 (Reporter Ruan Yulin) The Central Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision Team notified on the 17th that the Central Sixth Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision Team inspected China Nonferrous Mining Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Nonferrous Group) and found that its subordinates China Nonferrous (Ningxia) Oriental Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Oriental Company) failed to implement the main responsibility for environmental protection, illegally disposed of hazardous waste, and constructed and produced illegally and illegally.

  The waste packaging barrels of methyl isobutyl ketone produced in the production of Tantalum Company, a subsidiary of Dongfang Company, belong to hazardous waste.

The inspector found that the Tantalum Company illegally sold about 4,500 methyl isobutyl ketone waste packaging barrels generated from 2017 to 2019 as ordinary scrap iron in three batches to Yafeng Waste in Shizuishan City, which is not qualified for hazardous waste disposal. Material Recycling Co., Ltd. recycles.

  In order to conceal its illegal disposal of hazardous waste, Tantalum forged the packaging barrel recycling agreement signed with the raw material supplier Nanjing Zhuocheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and the "Ningxia Dongfang Tantalum Co., Ltd. Hazardous Waste Handover Confirmation Account" in June 2021. Methyl isobutyl ketone packaging barrel)” (2016 to 2020), and forged the signatures of the employees of the original company’s safety production department, trying to make the hazardous waste transfer confirmation account more “realistic”, and the nature is very bad.

  The inspector found that in August 2008, Tantalum Company started construction of two production lines of high-purity niobium oxide (30 tons per year) and high-purity tantalum oxide (15 tons per year) without the approval of the environmental review, and they were completed and put into operation in November 2009 , Illegal production till now.

  The inspectors found that the subsidiaries of Dongfang Company generally failed to implement environmental management responsibilities, neglected the management and protection of pollution control facilities, and even dealt with the inspection perfunctorily.

The two documents "Powder Branch Plant Equipment Operation Inspection Record" and "Equipment Operation and Maintenance Record" on the company's computer were created on the eve of the inspector’s arrival in August 2021, and then printed and sent to the team for filling, but the operation and maintenance personnel filled in However, the equipment inspection and maintenance records between January and September 2021 showed obvious fraud.

  The inspection team pointed out that it will further investigate and verify the situation, and follow-up inspection work will be done as required.