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friendly economic time. Today (17th) will also be with reporter Kim Hye-min. They say it's a compact SUV these days, but Casper seems to be a new thing. But this one is very popular.


Even though we are taking pre-orders only online, it is quite popular. On the first day of booking for Casper, 18,940 were booked.

It is said to be the largest internal combustion locomotive sold by Hyundai Motor Company.

This vehicle actually has several meanings. Gwangju Global Motors, which was commissioned by Hyundai Motors, is producing the automobiles.

According to the labor-management agreement, the average annual salary is lowered to around 35 million won. The company also maintains working hours at 44 hours per week.

You may think that wages are relatively low, but the government and local governments are said to preserve it through housing, culture, and welfare support. 

It was established to improve the job shortage problem in the local community and the high-wage and low-productivity structure of the automobile industry.


So, this car was born as a win-win job in Gwangju. It makes sense. Is that why President Moon Jae-in made a reservation in advance?


It is said that President Moon Jae-in made a reservation directly online on the first day of advance reservation. I bought it for personal boarding, and it is said that I will continue to use it even after I retire.

The reason for the purchase was explained through a spokesperson, "It is to support the successful settlement and spread of the win-win local job policy promoted by the Moon Jae-in government to revitalize the local economy together with the people."

In fact, the Gwangju-type job is the first win-win local job model of the Moon Jae-in government. The plant was completed in April, two years and three months after signing a win-win agreement in January 2019.

Also, starting with the Gwangju-type job, eight additional win-win agreements have been signed so far in eight regions. It is also expected to create tens of trillions of won in investment and 130,000 direct and indirect jobs.


I heard that President Moon Jae-in also made an online reservation when buying a car? But usually, when you buy a car, you go to the dealership and make a reservation. Isn't this the first time you've made a reservation online like this?


That's right. In the past, companies only accepted advance reservations online. And the actual contract or vehicle acquisition was made through an agency or directly managed dealership.

However, Casper is the first Korean automobile to be sold directly on the Internet. Selling cars online is actually a global trend.

As many of you know now, Tesla sells cars only 100% online. Toyota of Japan also launched an online shop 'My Toyota' last year. In addition, GM Korea recently started selling the electric vehicle Bolt online. 

In Korea, Mercedes-Benz Korea recently started selling certified used cars on the Internet, and it has announced a plan to expand to new cars within this year. It seems that the era of buying cars over the Internet rather than through a salesperson is not far off.


Online sales do not seem so bad from the point of view of consumers. But in Korea, it's not easy because of union opposition.


I personally listened to the opinions of consumers about online sales, but there were still differences in likes and dislikes.

[Gimhyeongseop / Seoul Yangcheon: I think it slopes to the Internet in the same price sanikka seems to be no sense of seeing damage than others wear parts will be.]

[Gwonyounghui / Seoul Yangcheon: part of middle-aged or older are salpyeoya see a real and thorough So, I think there is some resistance to (online sales).]

However, the automaker union is opposed to online sales because of concerns about job loss.

Experts pointed out that delivering high-quality products quickly and inexpensively to consumers is the right trend in the era of COVID-19, and the practice needs to be changed. Let's hear it for yourself.

[Kim Pil-soo/Professor of Automobile Department at Daelim University: If (online sale) is delayed, it affects not only the domestic cultural part but also other production systems. don't you need... .]

It seems that Casper's success this time will bring a new change to the automotive industry ecosystem.