On September 16, at the "Carbon Neutral Economy" Global Forum held by Tsinghua University, Ma Yongsheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and General Manager of Sinopec Corporation, delivered a keynote speech, pointing out that the transition to low-carbon energy will be significantly accelerated under the "dual carbon" goal The development path of the oil and gas industry is becoming clearer. Accelerating the creation of green oil and gas fields, green refining and chemical industries, green storage and transportation systems, and green technology support will become an important path for the oil and gas industry to move towards green and low-carbon development.

Ma Yongsheng, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and General Manager of China Petrochemical Corporation

  As a major energy consumer, after the "dual carbon" goal was proposed, my country's energy transition process has further accelerated.

It is understood that it is estimated that by 2040, the demand for non-fossil energy will account for about 42% of the primary energy.

As the pillar industry of my country's national economy, the oil and gas industry is facing increasing pressure for emission reduction, carbon reduction, and green development driven by the new requirements of the "dual carbon" target and the general trend of energy transition.

  Ma Yongsheng said that from the perspective of ensuring national energy security, it is necessary to continue to increase exploration and development efforts and continuously improve oil and gas supply capabilities in the future.

In this process, build green oil and gas fields, increase carbon control and carbon reduction efforts, and make every effort to promote green development.

Vigorously improve the level of exploration and development technology and equipment, achieve carbon reduction through energy saving and efficiency improvement, and reduce energy consumption; achieve carbon reduction by reducing and ultimately avoiding methane and other greenhouse gas emissions; actively develop distributed wind power, photovoltaic and geothermal resources to reduce high usage Carbonized fossil fuels and high-carbon electricity realize carbon control.

  Ma Yongsheng pointed out that my country's refining and chemical industry will face more stringent carbon constraints in the future, and it is necessary to build a green refining and chemical industry and accelerate the cultivation of green and low-carbon core competitiveness.

Accelerate the increase in the concentration of the refining and chemical industry, promote the construction of large-scale, integrated, base, and intensive production capacity, strict industry energy consumption and emission standards, and resolutely eliminate outdated production capacity; improve the level of energy resource utilization and recycling, and build smart refineries , To achieve smart management and control, energy conservation and efficiency; accelerate the adjustment of the energy structure of the refining and chemical industry, promote "gas to replace coal", electrification, strengthen the supply of green hydrogen, promote emission reduction and carbon reduction; strengthen the construction of a recycling system for petrochemical products, and increase Recycling of petrochemical products such as plastics.

  Ma Yongsheng emphasized that large domestic and foreign oil and gas storage and transportation companies have generally established an effective integrated management and control system for methane escape during natural gas pipeline transmission, and the loss of natural gas pipeline transmission can be effectively controlled.

In the future development process, we should actively optimize the layout of oil and gas storage and transportation facilities, strengthen the construction of smart pipeline networks, improve the construction standards of storage and transportation facilities, and advance the core technology of storage and transportation to further reduce the escape of methane in the process of oil and gas storage and transportation.

  Ma Yongsheng said that as the peak point of fossil energy demand moves forward, the oil and gas industry has increased pressure for transformation and upgrading. It is necessary to vigorously develop and promote advanced and applicable low-carbon, zero-carbon and negative-carbon technologies, create green technical support, and establish green and low-carbon competitiveness.

Increase energy-saving technology research and development; research hydrogen energy production, transportation, storage and marketing of the entire industry chain technology, focus on solving the cost of renewable energy production of green hydrogen, and find a feasible business model as soon as possible; strengthen research and development of low-cost carbon dioxide capture technology, and promote the use of carbon dioxide Technology research and development for the production of chemical products and high-end materials for raw materials.

  It is understood that in the face of the "dual carbon" goal, Sinopec will vigorously implement a green and clean development strategy, actively promote the cleanliness of fossil energy, the scale of clean energy, and the low-carbon production process, unswervingly move towards net zero emissions, and lead my country's energy The low-carbon transformation process of the chemical industry.

  Among them, Sinopec has vigorously promoted the low-carbon transformation and upgrading of traditional businesses, accelerated the pace of "oil conversion" and "oil conversion"; continuously enhanced green energy supply capacity, placed new energy business in a more prominent position, and actively developed the "four supply and two financing" "Business, it is planned that by 2025, 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations or oil-hydrogen mixing stations, 5,000 charging and swapping stations, and 7,000 distributed photovoltaic power generation stations will be built.