The service union Verdi has criticized the plans of many federal states to end wages for unvaccinated people in quarantine.

From the union's point of view, it is wrong to try to “introduce compulsory vaccinations through the back door,” said union chairman Frank Werneke to the newspapers of the Funke media group.

"Politics says that vaccination should remain voluntary."

The debate triggered by employers' associations and Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn on the cancellation of compensation was counterproductive, the union leader told the papers.

This shifts the conflicts to companies and workforces and creates uncertainty.

"No compensation from the solidarity community"

According to Werneke, the DGB and its member unions have played an active part in accelerating the vaccination rate in Germany for months.

"Employers are now called upon to emphatically advertise vaccinations and enable them during working hours," demanded Werneke.

Bavaria's Minister of Health, Klaus Holetschek, on the other hand, emphasized his demand for a nationwide suspension of wage replacement benefits. "One thing is clear: everyone can be vaccinated, nobody has to," said the chairman of the conference of health ministers to the editorial network in Germany. However, anyone who consciously decides not to have a vaccination, although there is nothing medically against it, is acting in a lack of solidarity. Then he could not demand any compensation from the solidarity community.