The retail price of regular gasoline this week has risen for the second straight week at a national average of 158.3 yen per liter, and remains at a high level.

According to the Petroleum Information Center, which is commissioned by the government to investigate gasoline prices, the retail price of regular gasoline as of the 13th was 158.3 yen per liter on average nationwide.

The price has risen 0.2 yen from last week, rising for the second straight week, and is still at a high level.

The main reason for this is that international crude oil prices have risen due to hurricanes hitting the coast of the southern United States, where oil-related facilities are concentrated, and supply instability.

Regarding the outlook for the future, the group that conducted the survey said, "OPEC = OPEC has revised its oil demand forecast downward amid concerns about stagnation of economic activity due to the spread of global infection of the new corona delta stock. Currently, the rise in crude oil prices has calmed down. However, it is expected that the already risen amount will be passed on to retail prices in the future, and next week's gasoline prices may rise slightly. "