Xinhua News Agency, Xining, September 15 (Reporter Xie Tongqiang) The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and the moon cake consumer market is gradually heating up, and various beautifully packaged moon cake products are also flooding the market.

The Consumers Association of Qinghai Province recently issued an initiative that consumers should actively practice the green and low-carbon consumption concept when choosing mooncakes, and buy more simple and light-packed mooncakes.

  In recent years, under the call of strict economy and opposition to waste, the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes have gradually returned to food attributes.

However, the reporter found that the excessive packaging of some moon cake products pursuing luxurious appearance still exists, and many moon cakes still pursue "appreciation" value greater than "edible" value.

  After the reporter searched for keywords such as "boutique moon cakes" on the online shopping platform, all kinds of moon cake products with special packaging shapes such as drawers, bamboo baskets, suitcases, etc. came into view.

Some moon cakes sold offline in Xining City also have 4 or 5 layers of moon cake products with inner boxes, sealed bags, single packaging boxes and gift boxes.

  Industry insiders said that over-packaged products not only cost consumers more money, but also cause unnecessary waste of resources during the production of product packaging, and a large amount of packaging waste will be generated after use.

  The Consumers Association of Qinghai Province proposes that consumers should consume rationally when choosing mooncakes and practice the concept of green and low-carbon consumption.

At the same time, moon cake manufacturers should innovate in product taste, raw materials, nutrition and culture, strengthen environmental protection concepts in packaging design, and convey the cultural connotation carried by Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes.

  The Consumers Association of Qinghai Province reminded that consumers should confirm the ingredients and ingredients of the food when buying mooncakes with "no sugar" and "low fat" as "functional" moon cakes, which should be carefully identified and rationally purchased.

When buying moon cakes online, consumers should choose a formal online platform to prevent the purchase of expired, low-quality moon cakes.

Before buying, you should carefully ask the merchant about the shelf life and production date of the moon cakes. Since it takes a certain time to mail, do not buy moon cakes that are about to expire.

After purchasing moon cakes, you must ask for and keep relevant bills and vouchers, so that in the event of consumer disputes, you can complain to the relevant departments and consumer associations to protect your legitimate rights and interests.