It was revealed that the government job centers and local government job centers that provide job seekers with job counseling and placement services stole personal information and inflated their performance.

There are even more than 10,000 cases of false job application by entering the personal information of a person who has already passed away.


In the second half of 2017, a suspicious situation was caught on the government's job placement network 'Worknet'.

The number of cases of job search cancellations immediately increased as soon as they were applied, but a government investigation revealed that job centers and job center counselors made false applications with personal information unrelated to employment.

Even though only 32 counselors were investigated, more than 7,500 illegal cases were identified, so the Ministry of Employment and Labor increased the number to 1,549 people for further investigation.

The results were shocking.

During the three-year period under investigation, 12,000 cases and 974 cases of people who applied for a job with the personal information of the deceased were registered as being employed.

Counselors made false applications with the personal information of seniors registered for public work jobs and used them to inflate their performance even after the elderly people died.

[Ministry of Employment and Labor officials: Public labor lists are owned by local governments, so they are used, so many elderly people participate in such jobs. Using that information.]

The number of counselors who recorded the death toll was 1,549.

This is 12% of all registered counselors.

In addition to this, there were many more cases that could be suspected of performance manipulation.

Because the government allocates budgets based on employment performance, counselors, who are mostly contract workers, were under extreme performance pressure.

[Former career counselors: (in the center) this (performance) why not and watneunya so hurry to appoint fell to continued unfair instructions to fill their earnings who reject the unwarranted instructions've been better -

the Ministry of Employment and Labor are surveyed counselors Of the 1,500 or so, 241 have requested the police to investigate, and 324 have taken precautions and warnings, but the remaining counselors said that no action remains.

(Video coverage: Choi Dae-woong, video editing: Lee Hong-myung)

â–¶ [Exclusive] Government that hid the results of the investigation on "manipulation of job application results, very serious"