Woori Bank will limit personal credit loans to 'within the personal annual income range' starting today (15th).

From today, Woori Bank will lower the maximum limit for eight major credit loan products, including 'Woori Won's Loan for Office Workers' and 'Woori Business Loan', to within the annual income range.

This applies only to new or increased cases, and does not apply to extension of the maturity of the loan.

This is in response to the strengthening of household loan management by the financial authorities.

Earlier, the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) requested major commercial banks last month to reduce the personal credit loan limit to within the annual income level.

As a result, NH Nonghyup Bank and Hana Bank reduced the credit loan limit to 'less than 100% of annual income', and KB Kookmin Bank and Shinhan Bank also agreed to reduce the limit to less than annual income within this month.

Foreigners such as Citibank Korea, SC First Bank, and K-Bank, an internet-only bank, have also decided to reduce the credit limit to within their annual salary and are reviewing the timing.

Another internet-only bank, Kakao Bank, further reduced its credit loan limit from a maximum of 70 million won to a maximum of 50 million won on the 8th.

In the case of negative bankbook loans, KB Kookmin, Shinhan, Woori, and Hana Banks reduced the maximum limit to 50 million won, while Kakao Bank reduced it to 30 million won.

At NH Nonghyup Bank, you can use a negative bank account up to KRW 100 million within your annual income.

Currently, the maximum limit for negative bankbook loans is 150 million won, and K-Bank plans to reduce the limit to 'within annual income' soon.