China News Service, Guangzhou, September 14 (Cai Minjie and Yang Zhengfeng) Guangzhou Investment Group said on the 14th that the expansion project of Shimentangshan Tunnel on the South China Expressway was completed and opened to traffic half a year ahead of schedule. Pain points of citizen travel.

  The Shimentangshan Tunnel Expansion Project spans Tianhe District and Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, starting from the Xiyang Bridge north of the Shimentangshan Tunnel on the South China Express Road and ending at the north side of the Jinji No. 1 Middle Bridge on the South China Express Road. The total length of the route is about 2 kilometers. It is constructed according to urban expressway standards, with four lanes in one direction and a design speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

Photo by Chen Jimin, Shimentangshan Tunnel on South China Expressway

  Among them, the new Shimen Tangshan Tunnel is 670 meters in length. The entrance and exit are respectively 38 meters and 41 meters away from the existing Shimen Tangshan Tunnel. The maximum excavation area is 214 square meters, the clear span is 17.9 meters, and the clear height is 11.3 meters.

  This project is a key implementation project for the mitigation and treatment of the Shimentangshan section of the South China Expressway.

It is understood that the South China Expressway, as the main north-south passage that runs through the main urban area of ​​Guangzhou, is narrowed at the original Shimentangshan Tunnel, changing from 6 lanes to 4 lanes, becoming a traffic bottleneck and prone to congestion, especially during holidays. .

  In order to solve this livelihood hot issue, the Guangzhou government plans to build the Shimentangshan tunnel expansion project. The Guangzhou Transportation Bureau focuses on promoting the implementation of the project, and the Guangzhou Transportation Investment Group is responsible for the project construction management.

  After the completion of the project, the original Shimen Tangshan Tunnel was changed to a two-hole one-way (northbound) pass, and the newly built Shimen Tangshan Tunnel (southbound) formed a two-way 8-lane. The traffic capacity was greatly increased, thereby effectively alleviating traffic congestion and improving the efficiency of citizens’ travel. At the same time, it will effectively enhance the functions of arterial roads, enhance Guangzhou's internal connectivity and external radiation capabilities, and further strengthen Guangzhou's status as a comprehensive transportation hub.

  In addition, another South China Expressway Shimentangshan section reconstruction project under the charge of construction and management by Guangzhou Communications Investment Group-Shimentangshan Tunnel to Chungang Interchange Section has been completed and opened to traffic before the Qingming Festival this year, strengthening the South China Expressway and The network of municipal roads around Longdong in the northern part of Tianhe District is connected, and it plays a role as a channel to relieve vehicle congestion, and strengthens the service capacity of the city’s high express road network.

Photo by Chen Jimin, Shimentangshan Tunnel on South China Expressway

  According to reports, the newly-built Shimen Tangshan tunnel traverses complex geology, with poor rock stability and high construction risks. In addition, blasting construction may cause existing tunnel lining cracks, spalling or even collapse and other accidents that endanger driving safety.

  The Shimentang Tunnel Project Department configures a comprehensive information monitoring center integrating video surveillance system, tunnel personnel positioning system, and AI face recognition access control system at the tunnel construction site to improve construction safety management efficiency by means of informatization, intelligence, and integrated management. . (over)