China News Service Client, Beijing, September 14 (Reporter Xie Yiguan) Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day "Double Festivals" are approaching. In order to better enjoy holiday life and prevent consumption traps, the China Consumers Association issued a consumer reminder on the 14th: Enjoy "Double Festivals" During the holidays, consumers must be more rational, and operators must share more responsibility.

Epidemic prevention and control cannot be ignored

  The China Consumers Association stated that at present, mutant strains of the new coronavirus such as Delta and Lambda are raging abroad. These mutant strains are more infectious and require higher prevention and control.

Although my country has achieved good results in the prevention and control of the epidemic, under the severe situation of the global new crown epidemic, the pressure on external prevention of import and internal prevention of proliferation is still great.

Therefore, the majority of consumers still need to tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control during the "Double Festival" holiday.

Data map: The Tianchi scenic spot of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang attracts tourists from all over the world.

Photo by Zhen Mei

Get ready to go out and play

  In order to effectively implement the epidemic prevention and control policies, many scenic spots have introduced an appointment system to implement current limiting measures. In order to avoid affecting the play experience, the China Consumers Association recommends that consumers must check the scenic spot’s official website or phone to learn about the relevant regulations of the scenic spot in advance. Request to make an appointment, make sufficient preparations, and travel in a civilized manner.

  The China Consumers Association stated that consumers should put service capabilities, service quality, and product quality in the first place when registering for tourism and group purchases of various tourism consumer products. Price is the only basis for consumption. Be wary of soliciting customers that are significantly lower than reasonable prices, such as "free travel for members", "0 yuan tour group", and "super low-cost accommodation", so as to prevent falling into the trap of black-hearted merchants.

When signing a travel service contract with a business, you must carefully read the terms of the contract, especially the standards related to food, accommodation, and transportation, as well as the rights and obligations of both parties, and responsibilities for breach of contract.

Buy moon cakes and hairy crabs to prevent pits and lightning

  "Double Festival" is not only a wonderful time to enjoy mooncakes, but also the best time to taste hairy crabs.

  For this reason, the China Consumers Association reminds that when buying moon cakes, consumers should try to buy them through formal channels, carefully check the main ingredients, production date and shelf life of the moon cakes, and check whether there is a "SC" mark; for bulk or on-site manufacturing For moon cakes sold, pay attention to the color, shape, smell, etc. of the moon cakes, and carefully check the sanitary conditions on site.

Take a rational view of the concepts of "discount", "promotion", "health care", and "sugar-free", and buy on demand to avoid waste.

Due to the high proportion of sugar and fat in moon cakes, consumers are advised to consume them in moderation.

  Regarding the purchase of hairy crabs, the China Consumers Association stated that consumers should pay particular attention to the prevention of "crab coupons" routines.

Many consumers reported that after purchasing "crab coupons", they were faced with the imbalance of supply and demand of "a coupon in hand, crabs are hard to find", or the crabs they received have shrunk seriously and are short of catastrophe.

Therefore, it is recommended that consumers keep their eyes open and try to choose regular offline brick-and-mortar merchants or reputable e-commerce companies to buy hairy crabs.

Data map: Jiulongkou hairy crabs.

Photo by Yin Liqin

A rational view of the "double festival" discount promotions for merchants

  The China Consumers Association stated that during the "Double Festival", consumers should rationally look at the sales promotion methods of merchants, and should not be blinded by publicity such as "explosive models" and "special prices", and should not be deceived by the exquisite packaging pictures displayed on the Internet, and choose carefully "Internet celebrities" live broadcast all kinds of products sold with goods, so as not to regret it for temporary impulse consumption.

It is recommended that consumers make purchase decisions when they have a clear consumer demand and a full understanding of the true quality of the product.

  In addition, consumers are reminded to keep the invoices, receipts and other consumption vouchers during the consumption process.

When shopping through e-commerce platforms or "live delivery", you should also pay attention to keeping key information such as chat records and transaction records.

When the lawful rights and interests are infringed, they can first negotiate with the business to solve the problem, express reasonable demands, protect rights in accordance with the law, and file a complaint to the relevant administrative department or consumer association when necessary.

Parents should supervise and guide their children to prevent their children from indulging in online games

  During the "Double Festival", the China Consumers Association suggested that parents should assume the responsibility of guardians and supervise and guide their children's use of online games during the "Double Festival" holiday.

In particular, it is necessary to prevent children from renting, borrowing, buying, or registering game accounts with parental identity information to prevent children from indulging in online games.

Parents who discover that online game companies have violated the "Notice on Further Strict Management and Practically Preventing Minors from Indulging in Online Games" can report to the relevant publication management department.

Data map.

Look for the "blue hat" when buying health food, and beware of falling into the trap of cheating the old

  Because the Double Ninth Festival follows the "Double Festival" holiday, some consumers may buy health foods as gifts for their elders, and some elderly consumers may buy health foods for themselves.

The China Consumers Association reminded that at present, there are many ordinary foods on the market that look very similar to the health food packaging. If you don't distinguish them carefully, it is easy to buy "Li Gui".

When consumers buy health food, they must look for the "blue hat" (exclusive health food logo) and check whether there is a health food approval number under the logo that can be queried online.

  In addition to health food, financial management, telecommunications fraud, and low-cost travel are also consumption issues that elderly consumers are prone to be deceived.

  The China Consumers Association recommends that on the one hand, elderly consumers should learn more about consumption knowledge and improve their awareness and ability to prevent fraud; on the other hand, they should communicate more with their children before making purchase decisions, especially when large amounts of consumption are involved. , Be sure to pay attention to the opinions and suggestions of your children. (over)