According to a survey by the Ministry of Finance, etc., there is a growing sense of shortage of production equipment of large companies.

The Ministry of Finance believes that capital investment, which companies tended to refrain from due to the effects of the new coronavirus, will recover in earnest in the future.

The Ministry of Finance and the Cabinet Office conduct a "Corporate Business Forecast Survey" every three months to investigate the feeling of lack of equipment such as production and sales of companies.

When asked about the situation as of the end of this month, the percentage of large companies that answered "insufficient" was one point higher than the percentage of companies that answered "excessive".

“Insufficiency” exceeds “excessive” for the first time in six quarters and a year and a half since the investigation just before the first state of emergency was declared by the new coronavirus. It turned out that it is getting stronger.

Furthermore, as a result of tabulating the capital investment plans of the companies that responded to the survey this year, it is estimated that large companies will increase by 10.8% from last year's results, and the total including medium-sized companies and small and medium-sized companies will increase by 6.6%.

Based on this, the Ministry of Finance said, "There has been a tendency to refrain from capital investment due to the spread of the new corona infection, but investment may pick up in earnest in the future."