He stressed that the exhibition allows to benefit from long-term economic partnerships

African Union: "Expo 2020 Dubai" is an opportunity to support the implementation of "Agenda 2063"

  • The pavilion of the African Union in the upcoming international event is inspired by the guiding vision of "Agenda 2063".

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  • Levi Madwicki: "Our main message is that we are a continent ready for action, investment and partnerships, because we now know that the Africa we want is achievable."


The Commissioner-General of the African Union at Expo 2020 Dubai, Dr. Levy Uchi Madueki, said that "Expo 2020" provides the African Union with an opportunity to further consolidate the relationship between the brown continent and the UAE, by benefiting from long-term economic partnerships, and the exhibition is an opportunity Ideal for the union to demonstrate the continent-wide commitment to sustainable development through the strategic framework of the “African Union Agenda 2063”, as well as explore potential partnership opportunities required for the social and economic transformation of the continent.

innovative solutions

Madueki added to "Emirates Today", that "Expo 2020 Dubai" also provides an opportunity for the federation to be part of the global process that will lead to innovative solutions, considering that this is vital to the development of Africa, including how to increase the quality of life and well-being of all African citizens, as well as on market access through regional integration, world-class infrastructure connecting the continent and the movement of people as well as goods to facilitate trade, which will ultimately lead to increased economic growth.

The acquisition of knowledge

Madwicki added that the participation of the African Union in "Expo 2020 Dubai", will provide the union and its stakeholders an opportunity to acquire appropriate knowledge and relevant skills, while developing effective partnerships that will support the implementation of the main programs of "Agenda 2063" and to promote the African Exhibition of Intra-African Trade.

"In fact, the partnership between the African Union and the UAE will facilitate the acquisition of skills and capabilities," he said.

Moreover, the globally recognized reputation of the host country, especially Dubai, in terms of project management will be of strategic value to the African continent, which will gain critical implementation capabilities to support the launch of its flagship project, Maduwicki said, adding: “We are here to tell the world that Africa is open. on business, and has a myriad of opportunities to invest in building the Africa we want.”


"After several months of preparation, we can confidently say that everything is going according to plan, and we are ready to open the doors of the African Union pavilion to the rest of the world, and ready to present the experience of the Union and the stories of the African peoples to the world," Madueki said, stressing that "the work team in the pavilion is ready." To represent the African people on the ground, and to position them as a strategic partner in the future.”


Madwicki explained that the African Union's pavilion in the upcoming international event is inspired by the guiding vision of "Agenda 2063", which is the vision of "an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, led by its citizens and representing a dynamic force in the international arena."

He added that the focus will be on presenting the achievements of the continent in the main sectors, in addition to highlighting the investment opportunities supported in the development plan for Africa "Agenda 2063".

basic message

Madueki indicated that the African Union pavilion is located in the Opportunity Zone, which is a sub-theme of Expo 2020 Dubai;

Opportunity aims to unleash the potential within individuals and societies in order to shape the future, through other things, including promoting new industries, employment, education, financial capital and good governance.

"Similarly, these are common areas that were highlighted in the ten-year implementation plan of (African Union Agenda 2063) as the main priority areas that should be focused on," he said.

Madwicki added, “The key message for us is that we are a continent ready for action, investment and partnerships, because we know now more than ever that the Africa we want is achievable as detailed in (African Union Agenda 2063).


Madueki stated that the African Union aims, by participating in “Expo 2020 Dubai”, to benefit from the strong compatibility between the sub-themes of “Expo 2020” (sustainability, mobility and opportunities) and the main initiatives and priority programs of “Agenda 2063”.

Madwicki stated that in its quest to find new partnerships to support the effective implementation of the continental development vision embodied in Agenda 2063, the African Union sees an opportunity for the countries of the continent to use this broad platform for education and international dialogue.


Given the diverse opportunities that Expo 2020 offers, it is important for Africa to take an active role in the exhibition activities, to connect with new innovations with the wider world, Madwicki said, adding: “We believe that Africa can also explore the potential partnerships required for its social and economic transformation towards development. Therefore, we can say that our presence in the (Opportunities) area of ​​the exhibition is a positive step towards that, and confirms our commitment to achieving this continental ambition.”


In addition, Maduweki stated that the theme of "mobility" in ensuring the promotion of logistical and individual movement, travel and exploration is closely aligned with the African Union's programs in the field of transport and digital innovation, indicating that this includes a roadmap on building an integrated high-speed rail network, where This innovative transformation of Africa’s transport network will connect the capitals and commercial hubs.”

He pointed out that other major programs include the Unified African Passport, which will facilitate the freedom of movement of people, and is compatible with the sub-topic of mobility.


Madueki stated that the African Union aspires to create a prosperous Africa on the basis of sustainable development as outlined in "Agenda 2063", as this aspect will be highlighted in the Expo's sub-theme "Sustainability", which aims to enhance natural ecosystems and resources, preserve biodiversity and green growth. Building sustainable cities and habitats.

Business friendly environment

Madwiki indicated that primarily, through its participation in the "Expo 2020 Dubai", the African Union aims to achieve the objectives of presenting the progress made towards creating a favorable business environment in Africa, and highlighting the continent as "business friendly", in addition to offering unlimited investment opportunities. The presence in Africa amid its diverse human and resources, African success stories (across sectors and regions), charting a continent moving towards integration, interconnectedness and transformation, as well as telling the African story to the world as it really is during the World Expo, as well as Africa’s position to host a version of the World Expo in the future.

"Spotlights on Africa"

The Commissioner-General of the African Union at Expo 2020 Dubai, Dr. Levy Uchi Madueki, said that during the six months of the exhibition, visitors to the African pavilion will see different activities that talk about the various initiatives of the Union across the continent, to ensure that there is a large representation in terms of interest, So are the opportunities to see the real returns for the African people.

He added that the AU team worked around the clock to plan a series of events that will serve as a "spotlight on Africa", including a strategy that showcases the progress made on the continent across the following sectors: health, infrastructure, manufacturing, culture and art, youth, information and communication technology, and gender equality, peace and security, trade and investment, climate change, agriculture, and other issues.

Madwicki indicated that the AU executive-level officials, private companies, civil society, artists and celebrities who have a significant impact on the leadership of current and future generations will participate in these events.

Africa.. huge potential

Expo 2020 Dubai is preparing to showcase with millions of visitors Africa's huge potential, including its innovations, economic opportunities, amazing art, culture, heritage and natural beauty, as the world celebrates the Day of the African Continent.

For the first time in the 170-year history of the International Expo, each African country participates in its own pavilion, where the African participation in Expo 2020 will represent a clear evidence of the solid relationship between the UAE and Africa, a relationship that is flourishing and based on mutual respect and a common vision. .

Also, for the first time, the African Union will participate in a special pavilion at Expo 2020, to have a colorful space, without separating countries, that highlights the potential of the continent and its enormous ambition, embodied in the aspirations of the "Agenda 2063" that focuses on agriculture, transport and science. technology and health.

It is noteworthy that the population of Africa, which currently stands at 1.3 billion people, is expected to double by the middle of this century, to reach four billion by 2100.

• The pavilion of the African Union focuses on displaying the achievements of the continent and highlighting the investment opportunities supported in the development plan for Africa.

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