China News Service, Xining, September 10 (Sun Ruihuangxuan) "We started planting snow peas when we introduced snow peas in 2019. The economic benefits have been very good in the past few years. This year, more than 110 acres of snow peas have been planted. The price is very high this year. It is estimated that the net income of one acre of land can reach two or three thousand yuan, and it can also attract employment and increase income of the surrounding people. It is really a win-win.” said Wu Shengzhong, chairman of the Huangyuan Xiling Planting Professional Cooperative in Qinghai Province on the 10th. .

  Huangyuan County is located to the west of Xining, Qinghai, at the junction of the Loess Plateau and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Historically, the agricultural civilization of the Central Plains and the western grassland culture intersect here. Throat", "Tea Horse Merchant Capital" and "Little Beijing".

  According to Wu Shengzhong, Xilingtai Village, Bayan Township, Huangyuan County, is more than 3,000 meters above sea level. The crops such as rapeseed and highland barley are grown all year round. The output value of a single crop per mu is only about 500 yuan.

Starting in 2019, the Huangyuan Xiling Planting Professional Cooperative has planted highland kidney beans, snow peas, which like cold climates through land transfer in the village. This not only brings substantial benefits to the cooperative, but also drives the surrounding villagers to get rich together.

  "Nowadays, snow peas has entered the harvesting period. The green and attractive snow peas in Xilingtai Village are growing well. The workers are busy picking and shipping. These workers can pick more than ten baskets a day. Although they are a bit tired, they have a good income. Being closer to home, this kind of good thing that can take care of the family and make money has attracted many migrant workers to return to their hometowns for employment." Wu Shengzhong said.

  "We have been very busy these two days. We have more than 30 people picking in the snow peas planting base a day. On the best day, I picked more than 280 catties and earned more than 240 yuan. And I can go home every day for the elderly and children. Cooking is very good. I have been doing it for three years.” Picking worker Dong Wenxiu looked at the basket full of fresh snow peas, his face was full of happiness.

  Wu Shengzhong said that based on the scale, standardization and intensification of production, cooperatives have explored the formation of a "professional cooperative + farmers" production and operation model, which has further stimulated the entrepreneurial confidence of local villagers, provided a large number of jobs for surrounding farmers, and increased farmers’ income. Land gains more.

During the process of planting snow beans, the Xilingtai Planting Professional Cooperative invited senior agronomists from Xining Seed Station to provide scientific and technological guidance, and adopted advanced technologies such as green pest control and fertilizer reduction and efficiency enhancement. Pollution, high nutritional value, quite favored by the market.

At the same time, snow peas are on the market every year from July to September, so they are later on the market than other bean products inside and outside the province. This staggered listing not only fills the gap in the market, attracts many foreign businessmen, and realizes the sale of snow peas in other places. The market sells well.

  "I came from Lanzhou, Gansu Province to purchase snow peas from the Huangyuan Xilingtai Planting Professional Cooperative. I have been cooperating with the Xilingtai Cooperative for more than three years. Last year's benefits were relatively good. The market value reached 10 yuan per catty. The purchase price for the cooperative The average guarantee is 7 yuan per catty. Due to the high quality and high efficiency of snow peas here, the demand for farmers’ markets such as Zhengzhou, Henan and Xinfadi in Beijing is high. The purchase volume of about 15,000 catties here is still not enough Supply and demand, next year we are also preparing to reach a consensus on cooperation with the Xiling Cooperative to expand the production scale to about 200 mu." said the purchaser Hu Mingming.

  Wu Shengzhong said, "Order sales are guaranteed, and market competition has advantages. The planting of snow peas not only brings huge benefits to the Huangyuan Xiling Planting Professional Cooperative, but also allows us to see the bright prospect of developing highland characteristic economic crops in the future." over)