Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Aso said, "Shinsei Bank's shareholder, Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan, etc. I will talk to you. "

SBI Holdings announced that it will make a takeover bid for TOB = shares to Shinsei Bank from the 10th to the 25th of next month.

Shinsei Bank was injected with 370 billion yen of public funds in 1998 and 2000, and the national "Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan" and "The Resolution and Collection Corporation" hold approximately 20% of the shares.

Regarding this, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mr. Aso, declined to make individual comments and said, "As long as we are injecting taxes, we need to deal with it from the perspective of properly protecting it as a claim. With the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan, which is a shareholder. I will talk a lot, "he said, and expressed his intention to carefully consider the response.

In addition, on the 8th, a system failure occurred again at Mizuho Bank, and ATM = automatic teller machine etc. became temporarily unavailable, Minister Aso said, "Repeated failures, and the cause of failure is different each time it occurs. In that sense, we need to take more thorough measures, "he said, and expressed his intention to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence.