China News Service, Wuhan, September 10 (Zhang Qin and Zhang Jing Wangyong) Wuhan Tianhe International Airport's bonded logistics center (Type B) and supporting projects started construction on the 10th. This is also the first bonded logistics center in Hubei to rely on an aviation port.

After the project is put into operation as a whole, it is expected to bring 80,000 tons of air cargo to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport every year, and realize local tax revenue of more than 60 million yuan.

  According to Li Wei, deputy general manager of Hubei Airport Group Aviation Logistics Company, Wuhan Tianhe International Airport's bonded logistics center (Type B) and supporting projects have a total investment of about 890 million yuan, covering an area of ​​about 388 acres.

The project includes three functional areas: air cargo terminal, bonded logistics center (Type B), and aviation logistics park, with a total construction area of ​​approximately 170,000 square meters.

In the future, it will focus on the development of aviation high value-added industries such as aviation materials, aviation food, cross-border e-commerce, fresh cold chain and pharmaceutical trade.

Photo by Zhang Chang at the groundbreaking ceremony

  "When the cargo gets off the plane, it enters the bonded area directly, which effectively saves the time for circulation to the consumer market." Li Wei said that the layout of a bonded logistics center in the airport area will improve the supporting service functions of Tianhe Airport on the one hand and fill the gap in airport bonded logistics. , To expand international air cargo business and enhance competitiveness with surrounding cities; on the other hand, it will also vigorously promote the development of airport logistics and airport economy, and create an airport logistics industry ecology integrating bonded logistics, port logistics and non-guaranteed logistics.

  According to reports, the Wuhan Tianhe Airport Bonded Logistics Center will focus on gathering a group of leading companies in medicine, cross-border e-commerce, cold chain, and manufacturing (supply chain) in the future to create international trade and Purchasing Center.

Photo by Zhang Chang at the groundbreaking ceremony

  In recent years, the aviation logistics business volume of Wuhan Tianhe Airport has grown rapidly. It has opened 19 regular freight routes, improved the functions of logistics ports, and has the qualifications of six designated ports of entry for meat and fruit. It has been built and put into use C3, C4 international warehouses, and international express mail. Supporting facilities such as supervision center, centralized inspection area, aviation logistics service center, etc.

The construction of the bonded logistics center (Type B) and supporting projects will further improve the aviation logistics service function.

  According to statistics, from January to August this year, the air logistics of Wuhan Tianhe Airport completed a cargo and mail throughput of 197,000 tons, the cumulative number of cross-border e-commerce votes exceeded 35 million, and the cumulative cargo volume exceeded 10,000 tons.