China News Service, Beijing, September 10 (Reporter Liu Liang) The news of the unblocking of Beijing's inter-provincial travel has significantly stimulated the travel market, and the National Day travel has begun to accelerate.

According to the Qunar platform, from 7 am to 10 am on September 10th, the number of air tickets booked to Beijing as a destination has doubled from the same time yesterday.

  The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism recently announced that starting from September 10, 2021, Beijing will resume its travel agencies and online travel companies to operate the city’s cross-provincial team travel and "air ticket + hotel" business.

  Yesterday, many schools and institutions in Beijing also received a notice that the epidemic prevention and control has entered a normalized stage.

People in low-risk areas with normal body temperature can enter Beijing normally with the Beijing HealthBao Green Code.

  Lan Xiang, dean of the Qunar Big Data Research Institute, predicted that on the 10th, the number of passengers transported by Beijing's civil aviation may exceed 200,000, which is an increase of more than 15% compared with a single day on the 9th.

This year's National Day tourism market has started to accelerate.

  Lan Xiang analyzed that last year's National Day was linked to the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the number of passengers transported by civil aviation during the 8-day small holiday reached 13.26 million.

It is expected that the 7-day aviation market during the National Day holiday this year will continue its hot momentum. The peak passenger traffic volume in a single day may exceed that of last year, and the total volume is expected to exceed that of the National Day holiday in 2019.

  The number of passengers sent by civil aviation is often a barometer of the tourism market.

According to the analysis of the Qunar Big Data Research Institute, travel demand that has been suppressed since the summer is expected to be released during the National Day. The overall travel volume of the 7-day Golden Week is expected to be close to last year's 8-day "Super Golden Week", with more than 600 million people.

  However, tourists traveling across provinces still need to pay attention to relevant anti-epidemic rules. According to the requirements of the "Notice on Strict Travel Agency Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures to Resume Inter-provincial Tourism Related Work", travel agencies and online travel companies must not organize or receive abnormal health codes, unknown itineraries, and 1 or more new cases of local new crown virus infection within 14 days Persons at risk of the epidemic who have lived in the prefecture-level cities (counties, cities, and districts in municipalities directly under the Central Government and sub-provincial cities, the same below) and have entered the country for less than 21 days. Travel agencies and online travel companies are not allowed to carry out prefecture-level city group tours and "air tickets + hotel" services in which one or more new cases of local new crown virus infections are added within 14 days of travel in Beijing. Tourist teams coming to Beijing must strictly implement the requirements for epidemic prevention in Beijing, and must complete the entire course of the new crown virus vaccine vaccination before they can enter Beijing for more than 14 days. Travel agencies must urge the organization to verify that all members of the team must meet the "Beijing Healthbao" green code, have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus for more than 14 days, and fill in the travel team's electronic itinerary in a timely and accurate manner. To receive those who have been in Beijing for a short period of time to sign up for group tours, travel agencies should also verify that they meet the requirements of having been vaccinated against the new coronavirus for more than 14 days. (over)