Xiaomi released the robot dog Tesla to push the robot Xiaopeng car's robot horse also came

  What is the appeal of bionic robots?

  On September 7, Xiaopeng Motors (09868.HK; XPEV.US) officially announced the new member of the eco-enterprise-Shenzhen Pengxing Intelligent Research Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pengxing Intelligent"), and released the first intelligent machine Ma Di Three-generation prototype.

  Xiaopeng Motors stated that the intelligent robotic horse has achieved technological breakthroughs in the past four-legged robots in terms of power modules, motion control, intelligent driving, and intelligent interaction. It is the world's first ridable intelligent robotic horse product.

At present, the smart robot horse has not announced specific parameters, and there is no time and pre-sale price for mass production.

  Red Star Capital Bureau noted that many domestic and foreign technology giants and car companies are racing to launch their own bionic robots, including Xiaomi, Baidu, Huawei, Tesla, Ford, Toyota, etc.

What kind of calculations are they playing?

  Xiaopeng releases smart robot horse

  Equipped with full-stack self-developed intelligent driving technology

  It is understood that the Pengxing Intelligent Team was established in Shenzhen in 2016. It is one of the earliest domestic teams to invest in the research and development of foot-mounted robots. It has accumulated a number of core patents in the fields of robot power modules, motion control, intelligent driving, and interactive systems.

In 2020, Pengxing Intelligence will receive investment from He Xiaopeng and Xiaopeng Automobile.

  Tianyancha APP shows that the registered capital of Pengxing Intelligent is 50 million yuan, and the legal representative is Zhao Tongyang.

The company is 100% owned by Guangdong Pengxing Intelligent Co., Ltd. He Xiaopeng is the chairman of Guangdong Pengxing Intelligent Co., Ltd.

  According to Xiaopeng Motors, the smart robot horses unveiled this time are capable of riding, strong autonomous movement, and emotional interaction.

  From the appearance, the height of the intelligent robot horse is close to the height of a 5-7 year old child, and it has a unique pony shape with "front knees and back elbows" and "walking on straight knees" on the front legs.

The head, thighs, and lower part of the torso are white, the upper part of the torso and neck are yellow, the calves are gray, and the joints between the limbs and the torso and the face display are black.

  Xiaopeng Motors stated that the smart robot horse is equipped with a high power density ratio powertrain unit independently developed by Pengxing Intelligence, and uses accurate dynamics models combined with AI technology. Its balance and agility can meet the riding needs of children.

  This intelligent robot horse incorporates Xiaopeng's full-stack self-developed intelligent driving technology, adopts a vision plus lidar perception system, and has functions such as autonomous movement, target following, and automatic obstacle avoidance; it also has industry-leading "multi-modality" The "interaction" ability combines visual, auditory and tactile interactions. The face is equipped with a curved display screen, with rich expressions and body language.

  Both Pengxing Intelligent Foot Robot and Xiaopeng Huitian Flying Car are ecological enterprises deployed by Xiaopeng Motors under the strategy of "Future Traffic Explorer".

  Technology companies have entered the game

  Xiaopeng Motors is not the first company to extend the application of intelligent driving technology to bionic robots.

  On August 10, Xiaomi Group (01810.HK) released a robot dog "Iron Egg", whose English name is CyberDog.

This is a bionic quadruped robot weighing 14 kilograms, and the fastest running speed is 3.2m/s. It can perform various actions such as jumping, running, rolling, shaking hands, turning circles and even backflips, and can adapt to various actions such as slopes and grass. The terrain can restore balance even under the interference of external forces.

  "Iron Egg" is equipped with the Jetson Xavier NX platform of NVIDIA's edge AI supercomputer, with AI computing power reaching 21TOPS; it has an AI visual recognition system that supports autonomous following and navigation obstacle avoidance functions.

Like other products in the Xiaomi ecological chain, "Iron Egg" has "Little Love Classmates" built in.

  At present, "Iron Egg" is still in the engineering exploration stage, and Xiaomi announced an open source co-creation plan.

The engineering exploration version is priced at 9,999 yuan, and there are only 1,000 units in the world. At present, the first phase of the first batch of experience officer recruitment has ended. 400 users will participate in the public test. The list will be announced at 14:00 on September 8.

  On the "Tesla AI Day" held on August 20, Tesla CEO Musk announced that the company may launch a prototype of the Tesla robot sometime in 2022, which will engage in dangerous, repetitive or boring Work.

  It is reported that the AI ​​robot "Tesla Bot" is composed of the FSD on-board computer on the Tesla model, a visual perception system and 40 micro-motors. It is 5 feet 8 inches high (about 1.72 meters) and weighs 125 pounds (about 56.7 kg). , And there will be a screen as a face interaction.

  It has human-level hands and feet and can move at a speed of about 5 mph.

The limbs are operated with 40 electromechanical push rods, and balance and agile movements are achieved through force feedback induction. Some tasks that will be completed include running the grocery store, picking up household items and other daily instructions.

  The Tesla robot will also use some of the company's artificial intelligence equipment. The Autopilot camera will basically act as the Tesla robot's vision, and the fully autonomous driving computer will basically act as the robot's internal organs.

It will utilize a multi-camera video neural network.

In addition, neural network planning, labeling, simulation, and tools will also be used to help Tesla robots operate effectively and efficiently while performing tasks accurately.

  What are their calculations?

  As early as 2005, Boston Dynamics launched the first-generation quadruped bionic robot BigDog.

Today, its Internet celebrity robot dog Spot sells for as much as $74,000.

  Many domestic and foreign technology giants and car companies are racing to launch their own bionic robots, including Baidu, Huawei, Ford, Toyota, etc.

It's just that most of their robots have not yet been commercialized.

Why have they set foot in bionic robots?

  One is because of the market prospects of artificial intelligence.

According to my country's "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan", it is predicted that by 2030, the scale of my country's core artificial intelligence industry will exceed 1 trillion yuan, and the scale of related industries will exceed 10 trillion yuan.

The future role of bionic robots in the fields of service, engineering, security, and medical treatment is immeasurable. Technology companies and car companies have the capital to make arrangements in advance.

  The second is to reserve technology and feed back existing industries.

The core technologies of biomimetic robots include artificial intelligence, perception systems, interactive systems, engineering mechanics, etc., which can be applied in fields such as smart phones and smart cars.

  Chang Cheng, vice president of Xiaomi Group, pointed out on Weibo that bionic robots have huge market potential in the fields of service, engineering, security, and medical treatment in the future. On the other hand, it can also help Xiaomi in its technical layout and consolidate its patent reserves.

In addition, the exploration process of biomimetic robots is also doing technical pre-research. Among them, machine vision, navigation obstacle avoidance, human-computer interaction, AI voice algorithm and other technologies can feed back products such as mobile phones and smart homes.

  Chang Cheng also admitted that the price of 9999 yuan for the Xiaomi robot dog "Iron Egg" is a "lost business", but Xiaomi hopes to build a hardware development platform through the iron egg to explore the possibilities of biomimetic robots for developers.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noted that Tesla’s AI robot “Tesla Bot” uses all technologies and artificial intelligence equipment from vehicles, and is regarded as Tesla’s future artificial intelligence assistant, mainly used to interact with Tesla’s smart cars. In the future, more artificial intelligence applications will be realized in the future; Xiaomi "Iron Egg" has navigation obstacle avoidance, human-computer interaction, AI voice and other technologies, which can not only feed back mobile phones and smart homes, but are also necessary for smart cars; Xiaopeng's intelligent robot horse is equipped with the intelligent driving technology developed by Xiaopeng's full stack and has a variety of interactive capabilities. Perhaps it cannot be simply defined as a large children's toy.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Wu Danruo