Where did the house come from?


Can you live well?

How to solve the problem of not being able to buy or rent a house?

  Our reporter Du Xin

  "Worker's Daily" (Edition 04, September 01, 2021)

  "According to relevant surveys, 70% of new citizens and young people in big cities rely on renting to solve their housing problems. However, houses with affordable rents are located far away, and rents in better locations are more expensive. This has become new citizens, It is a practical difficulty for young people to not be able to buy or rent houses.” Ni Hong, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, gave this statement at the press conference of “Efforts to Realize Housing for All People” held by the State Information Office today. A data.

  As new citizens and young people have relatively short working years and relatively low incomes, their ability to buy houses and pay rent is relatively weak.

However, the income of many of them does not meet the conditions of public rental housing.

How to solve this dilemma?

  Not long ago, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Affordable Rental Housing" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), mainly to solve the housing difficulties of eligible new citizens, young people and other groups.

  So, under this problem-solving idea, where does the house come from?

Can new citizens and young people afford and live well?

Various ways to increase supply

  The relevant person in charge of the Housing Security Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development previously stated that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, in large cities with a large number of new citizens and young people, high housing prices or greater pressure to rise, new affordable rental housing accounted for the increase The proportion of the total housing supply should strive to reach more than 30%.

  In April this year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice requiring 40 cities to make arrangements for the construction of affordable rental housing in 2021.

40 cities plan to raise 930,000 sets of affordable rental housing within this year.

  Where do so many houses come from?

The reporter noted that in order to speed up the development of affordable rental housing and increase supply, the "Opinions" give urban people's governments more autonomy and give full play to the role of market mechanisms.

According to the "Opinions", collective operating construction land, idle land owned by enterprises and institutions, supporting land for industrial parks, and stock idle housing construction can be used, and newly supplied state-owned construction land can be appropriately used for construction, and commercial service facilities can be properly supported.

At the same time, guide multi-entity investment and multi-channel supply, and insist on "whoever invests, who owns."

  Cao Jinbiao, director of the Housing Security Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, explained that from the survey, many enterprises and institutions have a considerable amount of idle land, and the housing for new employees of the unit is more difficult.

The use of idle land owned by these units to build affordable rental housing is mainly for young workers who are newly employed by the units to solve their phased housing difficulties.

Policy "combination boxing" to reduce rent

  Price is one of the core factors that new citizens and young people consider when renting a house.

In this regard, the "Opinions" gave a "reassurance"-affordable rental housing is mainly small apartment with a construction area of ​​no more than 70 square meters, and the rent is lower than the rent of market rental housing in the same location and quality.

  At the same time, the "Opinions" also used a combination of policies to reduce rents.

The “Opinions” put forward that for the idle and inefficient use of commercial offices, hotels, factories, warehouses, scientific research and education and other non-residential stock houses, with the consent of the city people’s government, the Under the premise of the wishes of the masses, it is allowed to be converted into affordable rental housing; during the period of being used as insured rental housing, the nature of land use will not be changed, and the land price will not be paid.

  "The non-payment of land price is a major national policy support for the construction of affordable rental housing in various regions. It can effectively reduce land costs and achieve the goal of low rent for affordable rental housing." Cao Jinbiao said.

  In addition, the use of non-residential stock of land and non-residential stock of houses to construct affordable rental housing, and after obtaining the certification of the affordable rental housing project, the prices of water, electricity, and gas shall be implemented in accordance with the residents' standards.

This will further reduce the cost of housing for new citizens and young people.

Improve housing conditions

  For young professionals, commuting distance is another core factor considered when renting a house.

In this regard, the "Opinions" make it clear that the use of collective operating construction land in urban areas, close to industrial parks or convenient transportation areas should be supported to build affordable rental housing.

At the same time, it is required that large cities with net population inflows and cities determined by the provincial people's government should separately list the leased housing land plans, priority arrangements, and fully insured when compiling the annual residential land supply plan.

  Cao Jinbiao said that a feature of affordable rental housing is that it mainly uses stock land and stock houses, which are mainly in the old city, parks or areas with convenient transportation.

  For new citizens and young people, renting is only a temporary housing demand. After getting married and having children, housing conditions need to be improved.

Cao Jinbiao said that they have solved the staged housing difficulties through affordable rental housing. After a few years, they will have a certain accumulation and ability to buy common property housing at a lower price and improve their living conditions.

  Ni Hong said that the introduction of the "Opinions" further improved the housing security system. A good security system will play a vital role in stabilizing the real estate market expectations, and will effectively promote the real estate market to stabilize housing prices, land prices, and expectations. (Our newspaper, Beijing, August 31st)