The Bank of Japan's Deputy Governor Wakatabe said that the effects of the new coronavirus have been prolonged, and that the time for domestic economic recovery will be later than expected, and that monetary policy will be considered as necessary. Was shown.

On the 1st, Deputy Governor Wakatabe of the Bank of Japan held a press conference after attending an online meeting with economic organizations in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Among them, Deputy Governor Wakatabe said about the domestic economy, "Until a while ago, we had drawn a path that the economy would recover if vaccination proceeded, but there is a risk that the economy will decline due to the spread of mutant strain infections. Yes, the time for recovery will be delayed. "

On top of that, "Companies' business performance has been firm, especially in the manufacturing industry, and it does not seem that the economy as a whole has bottomed out. We have to think about it, "he said, and expressed his intention to consider monetary policy measures as necessary.

In addition, Mr. Wakatabe said, "Various natural disasters have put downward pressure on the economy, and the Bank of Japan will start new financing measures by the end of this year to support private financial institutions to invest in climate change. It can also affect prices. From the perspective of creating a sustainable economic development and a resilient economy, responding to climate change as a financial policy is consistent with the BOJ's mission. "