China News Service, Changzhi, August 31st, title: Shanxi's eldest son: "little pepper" becomes rich, "big industry" expands overseas markets

  Author Yang Jing Zhang Yue

  On the 31st, in Taotang Village, Songcun Township, Changzi County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, a thousand acres of pepper planting base was filled with bright red peppers, red and green.

Soon, the mature peppers will be shipped to various places and exported to overseas markets such as South Korea.

  Big green pepper is the specialty and business card of the eldest son. In 1998, Changzi County was named the "Hometown of Green Peppers in China" by the China Specialty Hometown Recommendation Committee, enjoying the reputation of "the world's first sweet pepper".

"Eldest Son Big Green Pepper" is favored by merchants and consumers for its thick flesh, bright color, and easy to transport in Tibet. The products are exported to Henan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, and exported to Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. nation.

Pepper cultivation has driven more than 150 villagers to achieve employment at their doorsteps.

Provided by Changzi County Financial Media Center

  In recent years, the Changzi County Party Committee and the county government have called on and organized farmers throughout the county to develop green pepper planting.

Taotang Village, Songcun Town, developed characteristic agriculture based on actual conditions and adapted measures to local conditions. Relying on the brand advantage of the "Hometown of Green Peppers in China", it introduced Guanji Agriculture Co., Ltd. to develop a thousand acres of "Beijing Red" pepper planting base.

  "'Beijing Red' chili is maroon red, almost horn-shaped, round, smooth and shiny, growing well, widely used, and has considerable sales, which brings good income to the villagers." Du Wen, the person in charge of Guanji Agriculture Co., Ltd., introduced. Taotang Village began trial planting of "Beijing Red" peppers last year, and started order-based planting this year, implementing unified picking and unified purchase.

  Du Wen said that this year’s "Beijing Red" pepper has signed an order with a South Korean company, and the overall sales volume is considerable. "The pepper plantation has driven more than 150 villagers to find employment at their doorstep."

  Zhao Aijing, a villager in Taotang Village, is one of the beneficiaries of the "Beijing Red" pepper planting.

“It turned out to be working outside, far from home, and not making much money.” Zhao Aijing said that since the introduction of Guanji Agricultural Co., Ltd., he has worked here to make money. “The company has advanced planting technology, and the growth of pepper is good and there is a market. I can do it in one month Earn more than 3,000 yuan, just work in the village and take care of the family."

The hot pepper planting in Taotang Village adopts the "regional" management model of the base.

Provided by Changzi County Financial Media Center

  In addition to attracting villagers to work nearby, Guanji Agricultural Co., Ltd. has also developed a pepper planting cooperative. From seedling raising to harvesting, professional and technical personnel of the cooperative will guide and train the whole process, opening the door for local villagers to increase income and become rich.

  Du Wen introduced that at present, pepper planting adopts the "regional" management model of the base. All 10 areas have been equipped with drip irrigation, implemented the integration of water and fertilizer, and are uniformly equipped with mechanical equipment to maximize mechanized operations and promote the high-end agricultural industry. Development in the direction of science and technology and modernization.

  "In the next step, we will build production workshops, introduce Korean production lines, and export'Beijing red' peppers directly into finished products to increase the added value of the products. This will create a lot of jobs and allow more villagers to increase their incomes at their doorsteps. "Du Wen said, hoping to make the "Hometown of Green Peppers in China" brand famous abroad.