Thibaud Le Meneec 3:06 p.m., August 31, 2021

On the occasion of his last report, the mediator of the announcement points to an increase in scams in cell phone insurance, with forced sales processes.

On Europe 1, Tuesday, Arnaud Chneiweiss describes these mechanisms to alert consumers to their dangers.


Is there any deception on the part of the companies that offer insurance for cell phones?

This is what seems to indicate the last report of the mediator of insurance, published Monday.

According to this document, these contracts now constitute 7% of the 10,500 referrals recorded in 2020 in the area of ​​non-life insurance, which is much more than the share of cover in total insurance.

An "explosion of referrals" noted in recent months and denounced by Arnaud Chneiweiss, insurance mediator and guest of Europe 1, Tuesday noon.

A vagueness on the withdrawal period?

The structure collects testimonials from "consumers or policyholders who say 'I never wanted to take out insurance' and they realize by looking at their bank statements a few weeks later that there is a debit of 15 euros per months ", says Arnaud Chneiweiss.

"They wonder what it is and contact the insurer. They are told 'yes, we consider that it is consented and the withdrawal period was only 14 days, this is what the Code provides. consumption and therefore, it is too late and we are gone for a year '", he explains.

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For the insurance mediator, there are two types of “shocking” behavior which should be wary of, both among mobile telephone operators and household appliance brands.

"One is the case where the insured tells us' I never wanted to take out cell phone insurance, I did not pay attention to what I was actually signing on the tablet, I signed things, didn't realize '. So he didn't agree to take out insurance. "

"Blackmail to good feelings"

"The other case", continues Arnaud Chneiweiss, "is a case where the seller is a little blackmailing good feelings. He says' listen, I understood that you don't want insurance, but to preserve my job, take insurance. The first month will be free. Then after that, after a month, you will be able to cancel. well your signature, we are gone for a year '. "

To fight against these abuses, the insurance mediator recommends above all vigilance on the part of consumers: "We must be very careful that the subscription to insurance, linked to the mobile phone in this case, is fully consented by the consumer ", summarizes the specialist.