, Beijing, August 31 (Reporter Liu Liang) Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation (Standards Committee) released a number of important national standards focusing on agricultural and sideline products and people's life related fields, aiming to play the role of "standards for the people".

  In terms of improving the quality of agricultural and sideline products, the national standards of "Technical Regulations for Meat Segmentation of Livestock and Poultry Pork" unify the definitions of some products such as "meat-bone fan", "ingot meat", "wishbone", "fibula spine" and other products that are called differently in the industry. , Clarify the requirements of raw materials and segmentation workshops, as well as segmentation procedures and requirements, etc., effectively improve the level of domestic pork segmentation technology, and promote the healthy development of the meat industry.

The national standard of "Technical Requirements for Chilled Meat Processing" defines the definition of "cooled meat", clarifies the requirements for the whole process of chilled meat production, cooling processing control requirements, and temperature control requirements for products in different links, so as to improve the production and processing of chilled meat products in my country. Technical level, to ensure product quality and price.

The national standard of "Near-Infrared Method for Livestock and Poultry Meat Quality Inspection" standardizes the technical principles, instrument requirements, consistency requirements and evaluation methods of key links in the detection of livestock and poultry meat using the near-infrared method, which will help to improve my country's livestock and poultry meat. The level of quality inspection technology.

The national standard of "Good Production Practice for Poultry Hatchery" stipulates the management requirements of facilities and equipment, personnel, source of breeding eggs, hatching process, hygiene and other aspects of poultry hatching production, which will help standardize poultry hatching production behavior and better serve agricultural growth. Efficiency, farmers’ income increase and rural revitalization.

The national standard of "Guidelines for Fruit Quality Grading" stipulates the term definition and grading requirements of fruit quality grading, further improving the quality of fresh fruits and promoting the circulation and trade of fruits in my country.

The national standard "Bamboo Glulam for Structural Use" stipulates the definition, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and scope of application of bamboo laminated timber for structural use, which can improve the quality of structural bamboo laminated timber products and promote the application of bamboo in the field of building structures. Realize the diversification of green building structures.

  In terms of serving people’s lives, the national standard "Manuals for Motor Vehicle Products" guides and regulates the manuals for motor vehicle products, and provides motor vehicle users with practical information on the use of various functions of the vehicle, common sense, maintenance precautions, and more. Good protection of consumer rights. The two national standards of "General Technical Requirements for Household Appliances Applicable to the Elderly" and "Intelligent Household Appliance System Architecture Model for Elderly Life Aids" stipulate the safety and ease of use of household appliances applicable to the elderly. The three-dimensional architecture model and specific application cases of the smart home appliance system that assist the elderly in life are conducive to safer and easier-to-operate market development, and are more suitable for home appliances used by the elderly consumer groups, meeting the consumer demand under the aging society trend, and improving the elderly Sense of happiness in life. The national standard of "Iron Non-stick Cookware" puts forward requirements in terms of hand contact parts of iron non-stick cookware, water seepage in the pot body, and bottom flatness, etc., to improve product quality and guide consumers to understand and choose products. The national standard of "Kitchen Knives" stipulates 15 properties such as the appearance, surface roughness, blade thickness, corrosion resistance, tool strength, sharpness and durability of the knife, which effectively promotes the improvement of the technical capabilities of the domestic kitchen knife manufacturing industry. While protecting the interests of consumers, manufacturers are forced to achieve technological upgrading and transformation. The national standard of "General Requirements and Testing Methods for Electric Toothbrushes" mainly stipulates the product safety requirements, appearance quality, specifications and dimensions, physical and mechanical properties, switch life, noise and other index requirements. It is controlled by basic indicators to facilitate consumers to understand The product quality is good and bad, and the electric toothbrush industry market is regulated. Two national standards, such as the "Guidelines for Organizational Code of Conduct for Quality Management Customer Satisfaction", help organizations establish a code of conduct that meets customer needs and expectations, and effectively promote product and process improvement. Two national standards such as the "Guidelines for Quality Management Quality Planning" help to ensure greater control of the quality management process, ensure the realization of the expected goals of products, projects, services or contracts, and promote the continuous improvement of the organization's quality management level and overall performance. (over)