, Lanzhou, August 31 (Shi Jingjing, Gao Ying) After the early autumn, there was a hint of coolness in the morning air.

After washing, Chen Tonglin began his daily life, wiping the table in his new home with a rag, cleaning the floor, and then wiping the water tank in the toilet...

  The 63-year-old Chen Tonglin's family lives in Longjing Village, Ningyuanbao Town, Jinchang City, Gansu Province.

"The aqua toilet used in the past was a soil pit and two bricks outside the house. When the weather is hot, there are often mosquitoes and flies flying around in the toilet, and the smell is unpleasant. I was trembling with a flashlight, and I was particularly guilty.” Looking back on the past, Chen Tonglin felt a lot.

  Toilet renovation is one of the important contents of the "Three Revolutions" in the rural environment.

For this reason, in recent years, Jinchang has started the comprehensive improvement of rural environmental sanitation, accelerated the improvement of rural infrastructure, and comprehensively improved the rural human settlement environment.

  Nowadays, the remodeled toilets are "in the hospital and into the house", as clean as new, free of mosquitoes, and a water tank is installed. Once the water is flushed, it is clean.

Speaking of changes at home, Chen Tonglin said, “Clean tiles are stuck on the walls and floors of the toilets, and they won’t get dirty when you go in barefoot.”

The picture shows the daily life of villager Chen Tonglin, wiping the table in his new home with a rag, cleaning the floor, and then wiping the water tank in the toilet.

Photo by Shi Jingjing

  Last year, the toilet of Li Xiang's family in the same village was also "moved" from outside the house into the house.

In the past, the toilet was an open-air cesspit. After using the toilet, the soil had to be turned over and covered. It was messy and poor. The grandson who went to school in the city was holding back when he wanted to go to the toilet when he returned to the village.

  Now I use the same toilet as the people in the city, even the water heater is installed, and I can take a shower at any time, which is convenient and comfortable.

"Since I didn't use dry toilets and used flush toilets, it was not only clean and hygienic, but even my grandson went back to the village more often." Li Xiang said with a smile.

  Yongchang County adopts measures according to local conditions and households, and promotes flushing sanitary toilets in newly-built concentrated residential areas, and promotes three-cell septic tank-type harmless sanitary toilets in village groups with good basic conditions and relatively concentrated residents.

With a convenient lifestyle, a beautiful living environment and a civilized lifestyle, Longjing Village has successively won the titles of "Jinchang City Beautiful Courtyard Creation Activity Demonstration Site" and "Jinchang City Civilized Villages", "Provincial Beautiful Villages", and "National Tourism Village Key Villages".

  Pan Congbin, deputy director of the Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Jinchang City, said that this year, the construction of Jinchang household toilets has completed 1,831, including 227 in Jinchuan District and 1,604 in Yongchang County.

The local government continued to promote the renovation of rural toilets, and one village, one policy, developed a construction plan for toilet renovation. The city's rural residential environment has been significantly improved.

  "If a well-off society is not a well-off society, the toilet is counted as a pile." In recent years, Gansu Province has vigorously promoted the toilet revolution. In 2019, 557,000 new rural sanitary latrines were rebuilt and 580,000 new rural sanitary latrines were rebuilt in 2020. According to the official introduction, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Gansu Province will carry out a five-year action to improve the rural human settlement environment. By 2025, it will strive to basically popularize rural household sanitary toilets with a coverage rate of about 80%. (over)