A consolation prize for producers of French wines and spirits.

"In an international context which remains uncertain, French wines and spirits exports rebounded with a turnover of 7.25 billion euros," said the Federation of Wine and Spirits Exporters (FEVS) on Tuesday in a press release. .

A “spectacular increase” of 42.8% compared to the same period in 2020. However, the FEVS specifies that this increase “must be very strongly put into perspective since it is only 8.6% in value compared to l 'fiscal year 2019'.

It is "difficult to measure concretely how it will all end"

It is "difficult to draw very clear lessons" from this rebound, said Nicolas Ozanam, general delegate of the FEVS.

On the one hand, the suspension, during the semester, of American sanctions on these products "was a stimulus", especially as "a certain number of importers, not knowing what was going to happen afterwards. the first period of suspension of four months, have, if I may say so, "loaded the mule" ", declared Nicolas Ozanam.

At the same time, "we are still in a period of recovery and reopening of certain markets", indicated Nicolas Ozanam, for whom it is "difficult to measure concretely how it will all end".

Historically low returns for 2021

Finally, the "catastrophic frost" in April gives rise to fears of historically low yields for French vines: according to the first projections published in early August by the Ministry of Agriculture, the French wine harvest should be down 24% to 30 % in 2021. "The fact of having a deficit harvest is not a very favorable element to prolong" the dynamic of restarting exports, fears Nicolas Ozanam, who also highlights the logistical problems affecting world trade.

Concerning the United States, the leading export market for French wine, “the suspension of sanctions does not mean resolution of the conflict: it is imperative that the European Union and France resolve these disputes definitively and without delay.

Our companies cannot work with a sword of Damocles on the head ”, declared César Giron, president of the FEVS, quoted in the press release.


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