Anyone who does not get vaccinated against Corona, although his health is able to do so, is putting himself and others at risk.

He or she also hinders the fight against the virus.

It is inconsistent, expensive and wrong that these vaccination refusers do not have to come out to their employer.

It is inconsistent because the federal government is otherwise doing a lot to increase willingness to vaccinate, for example through the corona tests, which will soon be charged.

The cuddling course in the company does not fit in with this.

There is still a pandemic

The regulation planned by the Minister of Labor is expensive because it makes it difficult for companies that are kept alive with record sums of money to return to normal.

Only those who know which employees have been vaccinated can organize their day-to-day work in the office or nursing home in the best possible way and deploy the employees where there is the least health risk.

It is wrong to consider vaccinators because the vaccination status in normal times is of course a private matter - but in fact there is still a pandemic.