Left parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch has called for Chancellor Angela Merkel to intervene in view of the announced five-day strike in Deutsche Bahn's passenger traffic.

Bartsch told the German Press Agency: “A third strike would be completely unreasonable.

The ball is now with the federal government.

The Chancellor must prevent the strike and instruct the rail company to meet the demands. "

Deutsche Bahn is a federally owned company.

Bartsch said the citizens had a right to a functioning state.

“This theater has to be ended for pandemic reasons alone.

The GDL claims are justified and affordable. "

The union of German locomotive drivers (GDL) announced the third strike within a few weeks on Monday.

It should begin in passenger traffic on Thursday at 2 a.m. and last five days.

In freight transport, the members should stop working on Wednesday evening.

The passenger association Pro Bahn asked those involved in the collective bargaining dispute to return to the negotiating table. "Many passengers are at the end of their patience," said Deputy Federal Chairman Lukas Iffländer. "Especially now, when many want to find their way back to the railway after a long pandemic-related interruption, the argument only creates incomprehension among many."